FIFA 14 - Much Awaited By The Audience To Make The FIFA Series Exceptional

WebMuch: There will be a slight new look to the FIFA 14 and will have something new for the readers. A known fact to all the readers is that FIFA was launched before the high profile titles were deluged in fall. The retailer game for UK carried was responsible for carrying out the listing for the game that was generally in the release of October 4th. Amazon brought out a release on the 24th of September in this year. The information was also revealed in a PlayStation that was unannounced.

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mrxbox1984d ago

It's being said that the game will release on October 4, 2013... Come soon FIFA 14

nix1984d ago

considering how amazing the PES13 was last year.. so good that i preferred PES13 demo to the the FIFA13 full game, i'm picking up PES14 this year.

ssj271984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

I agree.. but 2014 is a new start..
PES did a huge mistake using their old same ps2 engine on their PS3 games.. they lost a huge market shear and many fans that are waiting to jump back to PES.. PES13 was indeed good but PES14 with the modifi FOX engine and two years to develope instead of one will be in a whole new level.. i cant wait to play it on the PS4 i hope as a lauch title..

EA has make mad the wrong guys.. PES will dominate next gen! I got that feeling.

mrxbox1984d ago

I personally never liked PES after PES 5. That was it for me. But since then, it's been FIFA only

mynameisq1983d ago

Imo Pes is the better football simulation and always has been, however i have bought Fifa since 08 because my favourite mode is Pro Clubs online in Fifa. Pes as a whole package isn't worth it, which is a shame because like i said it best represents football. It's just the bad online, lack of modes and jittery animations that lets it down. I'm done with Fifa though, it's souless, boring, every match, every player is just fulll of exploits and unrealistic play. Hell just look at any Fifa top goals video, you'll see like a hundred skills in a row as if it was Fifa street. Hopefully the king is back with the fox engine

ssj271983d ago

well Konami and PES devs did f#$%# up a huge opportunity this gen..

two key mistakes they did:

1) use the same old PS2 engines for the PS3, while EA used a brand new engine and modern animations.

2) they did not give interest and even had a online id besides the PSN.. EA had 11vs11 and better online set up and options and more and easier to use.

but konami is back on track PES13 was fun and good, is using a new engine that is next gen ready the FOX engine and is modified for PES with amazing animations for this gen which we know sport games will still sale good on the PS3 XBOX360 even after the PS4 launch and FOX engine has amazing tech behind for next gen and PES14+ will used those advantages so they will be on top of the game this time they are mad.

let's see how they do with their online but i got a feeling it will be as good as FIFA one..

PES has always has better gameplay even through PES 8,9,10,11,12 where not good FIFA where not good nether but like you say fifa had other features that made won the costumers .

E3 will be the judge bout games will show they next gen versions and a new gen means a new start.. let's see who start with the important first good impression.

Codey471982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Cross play with PS3/PS4 and PS Vita would make it exceptional, for me anyway.