Guerilla dev: Killzone Shadow Fall will explore who the Helghast really are

Speaking exclusively with OPM UK, Killzone Shadow Fall’s game director Steven ter Heide explained that the PS4 shooter will explain more about the Helghast mythology than in any previous game.

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DEATHSTROKE-cro-2011d ago

very good.
that's what we all want because we like them more than ISA

Killzone, inFamous and Watch Dogs are must-buy for PS4.
at least for me :)

Knight_Crawler2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Thats cool an all but why dont they just introduce more factions.

Does the KZ universe only consist on two factions the ISA and Helghans?

Also they need to explore the current universe more, where are the kids and women, where id the wild life, why are they only millitary buildings, where is the culture and do Helghans have feelings....the universe needs to be more alive.

abzdine2011d ago

yes but pleaaase, pleaaaaaaaase GG listen to the fans feedback about the multiplayer!! i wanna enjoy this game as much as i did with KZ2

Hicken2010d ago

Why introduce more factions? Killzone is about the conflict between the ISA- led by planet Vekta- and the Helghast. What would be the point in having some new side show up in their war, especially when that conflict is far from over?

dedicatedtogamers2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

I really wish Guerilla (or another studio @ Sony) would take the time to flesh out the Killzone universe. Behind the scenes, there is an incredibly rich backstory available. Reading through the backstory, you learn that the helghast are not necessarily the bad guys and that the ISA have done just as many terrible things. Of course, none of this is explained in the game and instead the helghast are space Nazis and your buddies keep shouting in your ear "hey bro! Shoot that f****ng helghast scum!" and the helghast kill your buddies, so they MUST be evil!

LAZL0-Panaflex2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

You're right isa is whack. Especially Rico...what a goob. Take off the masks! Take off the masks. And I wanna see some chick helghasts. I wanna see them with superhuman strength like Wikipedia said they have not pudgy little curly from 3 stooges knockoffs that die with one melee.

Maddens Raiders2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

I've played Kizzy since the PS2 days and I've always liked the ISA (mainly because I became attached to the four heroes since the story admittedly was from their point of view).

Also, I'll say KILLZONE, GT, and TLOU are must-buys for the PS4. So while we like the same things generally speaking, there remians a bit of variation therein, which makes everything work in the first place. :)

BTW - I also want to state that I love Rico, Jann, Sev, Lugar, Radec and Stahl in that order. (See I do like some Helghast guys as well). I get it to a degree (he killed Visari and got Natko and Garza fucked up), but I am really tired of the Rico hate -- I mean the guy is an integral part of the series and is just an all around bad ass and good hearted fellow imho. Despite his transgressions and shortcomings, Rico is a very "round" & believable character (the most by my count - and shows a bit of the unpredictability and chaos of WAR) and let's not forget w/o Rico, Narville and the rest of the extraction team in Kizzy3 would've been laid to waste on Helghan allowing Stahl to reign holy hell on the rest of the ISA with his Petrucite cannon!

With all of that said we do need an open door to look deeper into what "makes and made" the Helghast... the Helghast as my attention to detail of the ISA storyline above, demonstrates. So far we only have known bits and pieces of the Helghast people, it's leaders, cities, and people. Very good news here indeed.

ok all out of bubbles..

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2011d ago
OhReginald2011d ago

cool they are probably gonna make the helghast more villainous.

Dark_Overlord2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Is that even possible? Rico proves the ISA are the most evil :D Seriously, he needs killing off

raztad2010d ago

Pretty much this.

And it saddens me :(. There is potential for something much more exciting than just your typical generic-isa-are-the-good-guyz and Helghast-are-the-Nazis tales.

Eldyraen2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

I actually disagree: I think they are going to make them more "human" as you are essentially playing a peacekeeper that is meant to keep both factions in check this time around. As it is also supposed to be a little more narrative this time around we will likely be seeing more of both sides outside of strict combat segments (such as the beginning--before the blow out you saw a city in its prime during peacetime with non combatant npcs "interacting" seperate from yourself).

I am hoping and expecting something similar elsewhere in the game as you track down the true villains (which are likely a rogue group that is likely supported but not tied to either the Helghast government or at least key characters that are). Hopefully we see more into what makes both sides tick but as a third party in a sense. Without forcing it on people though it could be eluded to in npc conversations (whispers as you progress through streets) or from notes/intel that FPS often use for extra story tidbits.

The fact the ISA and Helghast now live side by side in some form should mean they were at least willing to cooperate on some level or were forced to do so. Its likely not accepted by many however and love lost would be minor (sort of N/S Korea--they are tied together by shared history yet at odds with each other constantly... or Israel/Palestine as its actually the more violent of the 2 and closer proximity). Naturally Germany and Berlin Wall comes to mind as well but just don't quite get that vibe for some reason although very "fitting" due to Helghast/Nazi similarities.

I think we will end up fighting the Helgast still of course but more of a new reich (as in Germany in WW1 and Nazi Germany in 2--similar yet fundamentally different). They are the extremist Helghast faction that has risen in from the ashes of the old although not supported by as many of the former (similar to Nazi's--they started off and spoke of national pride and resentments from post war depression and only after did they excalate to full blown "monsters").

At least that is what I hope to see--a less "generic" war shooter. It is the perfect time as devs have said its basically perfect time for a new direction. As long as they keep most of the mechanics, controls, and action it will be great but a more in depth story wouldn't hurt either. I just want next gen to be truly special and am hoping for the best. This gen had some phenomenal shooters that broke out of the mold enough to make me believe others will follow suit or continue to do so.

LAZL0-Panaflex2011d ago

That's what I'm talking about.

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