Gran Turismo 6 listing spotted on official GT site

A listing has been spotted on the official Gran Turismo website.


Sony have removed the listing but you can find the screenshot on the site.

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Cam9772078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

I guess I'll be seeing you on the track then.
GT really is one of my favourite racing sims available on the market today, Sony really are lucky to have the series' exclusivity.

Maddens Raiders2078d ago

....hard to believe we're getting another GT right before the PS4 drops -- these are good days for gamers indeed. Wow I still play GT5 every single day and it's as addicting as it was the day it was launched so getting another one is virtually a GT overdose & a smorgasbord of car & racing pr0n.

Salute to Polyphony Digital as well, surely one of the most entrenched & hardest working dev studios in the world. They will get my money day one for this "game".

Dee_912078d ago

Well, we dont know if we will be getting GT6 before PS4. We may be getting it after PS4 release.But I am hoping that we will get it this year at least.Its funny because GT5 doesnt even feel old aside from the standard cars haha.I cant freakin wait for GT6!


I don't want to sound like the guy who only complains... But already doing so by my entry sentence, will we actually get motorcycles this time?

Don't get me wrong, I love GT, but I miss Tourist Trophy more (as GT5 is still being played regularly here too), I really hope they revisit the two wheels world, if not in GT6, maybe in another game later on.

nix2077d ago

what time is the event...? are they doing live cast?

refreshing n4g page every now and then is not just happening. /:

SolidStoner2078d ago

It wasnt any luck, it was Kazunori Yamauchi (Chuck Norris Japanese cousin)...

the site will be updated tomorrow after GT6 reveal @ Silverstone Circuit!!

cant wait to see some videos or some info!!

Reborn2078d ago

Of course it's going to happen. If this video wasn't enough proof, especially the ending, I don't know what it is.

Jls12078d ago

tomorrow just cant come fast enough

Jek_Porkins2078d ago

I think by this point we all know there is going to be a new GT game, just wonder if they'll announce a Vita version to go along with it?

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The story is too old to be commented.