Top 10 Games That Blew Me Away Graphically Ever been blown away by a game graphically? I’m not just talking about the technical aspects of a game but the overall impression it left the first time you saw it running, that moment when you thought to yourself “woah, this is amazing“.

I’d like to think that I’ve been gaming long enough to see a fair amount of these “wow” moments to produce a respectable top ten list. I’m not here to tell you these are the definitive moments in gaming, it’s simply my opinion of what happened to impress me over the years.

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kayoss1986d ago

Surprise that Final Fantasy 7 wasnt on that list.

guitarded771986d ago

Yeah, the pre-rendered backgrounds of that era were awesome. Just saw this on reddit, and it had me thinking about them...

ILive1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Final Fantasy 13, la noire and ascension are on my list.

SolidStoner1986d ago

there was no crysis on that list!!!

that means its plausible.. great list!!

WeAreLegion1986d ago

FF VIII blew me away a lot more with its graphics. Huge upgrade from VII.

kayoss1986d ago

Agree with you on that point, but FF7 Came out first for the PS1 and that type of graphic was never seen before. First time CG was used and 3D. It pretty much revolutionized gaming in terms of graphics.

MYSTERIO3601985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Wow i am very surprised Half life 2 wasn't mentioned, that game totally blew me away when i first saw it.

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Oh_Yeah1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Previous gens:
Ocarina of Time, Shenmue, Final Fantasy X

This gen:
Uncharteds, Skyrim, Crysis'

Tommymk21986d ago

Last gen resident evil remake for GameCube still looks great now

KimiRaikkonen1986d ago

1.Assasins creed 2
2.alan wake
3.fable 3
4.gears of war 3
5.forza 3
6.halo reach
7.witcher 2
8.uncharted 3

WeAreLegion1986d ago

Good list! I can't wait to see The Witcher 3!

Truth1986d ago

I think your list is upside down.


I believe you are going this gen only... But even considering that I couldn't disagree more.

Gear of Was, for instance, blown my mind away the moment I saw the first one, not by the third game... Just the same as Uncharted and Assassin's Creed. Sequels this gen had pretty much the same graphical feeling all around (except for Witcher 2, this one I agree with you).

And Forza 3 looked great but, for racing games, even more than either Forza or GT graphical madness, the destruction in Burnout Paradise easily took the prize IMHO, it was something I never saw before at that moment and left an impression (even though we had all seen better and actual dynamic destruction later).

Also, a current gen mind blown list without Mirror's Edge and Oblivion for me is a no-no. Those games scale and sense of freedom really took my open world concepts (even through Mirror's Edge is not excatly open world) up a notch.

And I also believe Demon's Souls deserve, at least, a honorable mention somewhere, even though not for graphical reasons. When all games were getting easier it decided to go the opposite way, frustrating me a lot and destroying some controllers... It's the kind of game you may not even like but that you'll definetely remember.

theaceh1986d ago

Sonic the Hedgehog (1991).

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The story is too old to be commented.