Payday 2 to get retail edition for Xbox 360 and PS3

505 Games and Overkill Software has announced that the upcoming title Payday 2, sequel to the 2011 hit Payday: The Heist, will no longer be limited to digital download and will now additionally be released globally at retail for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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MonopolyRSV1982d ago

Is it really going to be big enough of a game to justify a disc?

LOGICWINS1982d ago

Does it matter? The point of this is to give people options of how they want to purchase the game. Whether there is enough content to justify a disc version is irrelavent.

guitarded771982d ago

Yeah, I bought Splosion Man/Trials HD/ Limbo on disc because it was cheaper that way. Retail disc always offers competition to the digital version.

LOGICWINS1982d ago

Yeah, whichever way u can gt it cheaper is the best way. But if im buying a game Day 1 for $60, I prefer digital download.

GuyThatPlaysGames1982d ago

Remember "Sneak King" from Burger King? There wasn't much of a game there but it was still on disc!

SilentNegotiator1982d ago

I still have the BK games. Such a riot.

MonopolyRSV1982d ago

I've never seen a retail disc priced at 20 bucks.

Rivitur1982d ago

Well halo remake cost 35 at launch so its possible.

trikster401982d ago

All the 2K sports games were in 2005.

TheSuperior 1982d ago

I think tihs is wonderful news. not just the fact that its retailed now but because in the statment it says the game just keeps growing and getting better. Seems like a good move. I will be trying it out.

DemonSlayer4201981d ago

Nice looking forward to this