Wii U Daily : Nyko UBoost for Wii U GamePad review

A Wii U Daily author - Ashely King - gives her review of the "Nyko UBoost" accessory for the Nintendo Wii U Gamepad:

"Late last year we told you about the Nyko UBoost, which is a GamePad accessory designed to increase the battery life of your Wii U GamePad without having to be a hassle. If you’ve used Nyko 3DS accessories like their 3DS battery boost, you know you need to remove the back of the 3DS and the stock battery that comes with the device in order to use it. Nyko avoided this by creating a battery pack that functions similarly to the stand that comes with the deluxe version of the Wii U."

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imXify1982d ago

As the gamepad battery mostly sucks, I don't think it needs this. At least for me, for the maximum range the gamepad can work with the console, I can always find an electrical outlet near me to let it charged.

Neonridr1982d ago

nice to see that they come in two colours. At least it would blend in having a black gamepad with a black booster pack.

I am liking how much extra charge you get with the pack. I will definitely look at something like this soon.

Nevers0ft1982d ago

As much as I'd like to extend the battery life of my Wii U gamepad, it's a shame Nyko can't make it fit-in with the Gamepad aesthetic a little better.

I don't like the idea of some great big thing jutting out of the bottom of the pad like some enormous chin, it makes it look like Reese Witherspoon O_o

Neonridr1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

there is another battery option by Nyko as well, where you unscrew the plate on the back of the gamepad and actually replace the battery with a stronger one. That way it still looks like a stock gamepad, but you get better battery life.

although this one may not be available for purchase just yet. I don't see an option to buy it like the other one.