Infamous: Second Son, What Are You Doing?

Gamers-Association editor Ridge Dermody was very excited after the reveal of Infamous:Second Son. Now after more details have emerged he isn't so sure.

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SmokingMonkey1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

The InFamous series is written like a comic, so really anything is possible as long as it can be imagined.

So last week when I commented on Cole still being alive (and I thought Delsin's underwear was sticking out the back of his pants? It was his shirt but man that thread got ugly. LOL) it is still possible because in some universe Kessler is in fact alive.

How cool would it be to fight Kessler in InFamous Second Son?

elhebbo161986d ago

now that I think of it, who knows how many times kessler had to rewrite the past (or future?) to get to the events of infamous 1 and 2. but this theory could lead to a multiverse like zelda or something, i rather have single chronological timeline.

GribbleGrunger1987d ago

I don't care if it turns out that the first two games were dreams. I just want to play Infamous: Second Son.

Rhezin1987d ago

yeah I just want to use smoke powers. That sounds incredible.

linkenski1987d ago

Aw shit, i'm gonna miss firing lightning strikes :(

Pintheshadows1987d ago

I think people are over reacting a little to the retcon. In truth we will not find out the full story until we complete the game and honestly, I prefer it that way. I don't want every little detail storywise revealed before release as that would ruin everything. I think people want to know too much rather than waiting these days and would rather speculate on a trailer and one article as they have nothing better to do.

merciless1987d ago

New Engine new powers and a team that have a proven track record on creating a stellar game...

And this guy isn't happy with it? Please!

You know what I'm unhappy about? Next gen games marketed as next gen games but using old previous gen engines from 2006 with minor graphics tweaks. But hey...

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The story is too old to be commented.