Pokemon X/Y boxart, new screenshots

Pokemon Company released new screenshots and the boxarts for Pokemon X/Y.

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kirbyu1987d ago

Pokemon X's box hints at Xerneas being a Grass type.

Kran1987d ago

Still not sure whether to get X or Y.

My inner child is saying this:

"Oh. The X Pokemon doesn't look that good but BLUEEEEE is my favourite colour. And the Y Pokemon looks waayyyyyyy better but I don't like the pink of it. Or is it more red? I CANT DECIDDDDEEEE. And X is a cooler letterrrrrr"

That's what I think on the inside. Outside I'm like...

Yeah. Dunno what to choose tbh :/

Kran1986d ago

Nah. No point when I'll probably have a friend who has the other :P

LAWSON721986d ago

I am leaning more towards the Y version