5 Games Still Enjoyable On The Most Difficult Setting

Quote: "I do like a challenge, but most games and their hardest difficulty settings are mostly avoided by myself and I don’t want to torture myself for hours on end for an achievement. However, I did play a few games in the past on these settings and found them to be an absolute joy, rather than a session of “What swear words can I scream the hardest and use to summarise my present feelings.”

When saying: “absolute joy”, make no mistake, it wasn’t without effort on my part and buckets of patience. There really is quite a few games I tried and after a while called it quits."

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Ezio20481987d ago

I love God Of war 3 and UC series on hard difficulty.
Arkham City was too tuff in the later stages.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1987d ago

Arkham city? I didnt think it was hard even on the most difficult.

Minato-Namikaze1987d ago

Ninja Gaiden sigma 2 on Master ninja wasn't too unbearable, But Ultimate ninja 1 and 2 took me 6 weeks and 1000 tries to beat and made me hate team ninja, lol.

robinisme1987d ago

I absolutely love Uncharted on Crushing, for me it's the only way to play that game. The instant reload after death is cool.

I never found the Arkham games to be particularly difficult even on new game plus. I just think extra hard pretty much equals normal mode from the 90s and for most people who didn't grow up in that generation of games just don't have the patience for a challenging experience

Calm Down Sunshine1987d ago

I had fun with Killzone 2/3 on the hardest difficulty, seemed to suit the tone of the game more, and stopped me feeling like a run and gun "super-soldier".

hankmoody1987d ago

XCOM is by no means a fun game on Impossible Ironman. I almost destroyed my Xbox just the other day.

KittyEmperor1987d ago

I would say the Mass Effect series. Playing through on insanity some of the fights that you could get into were just pure joy.

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