HMV Offers GTA IV Pre-Order Deal

HMV has recently announced that it is kicking off a pre-order campaign in anticipation of Grand Theft Auto IV's release. If you pre-order Grand Theft Auto IV through HMV's website you will get 1000 free XBox points and vouchers worth over GBP 130.

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BigKev453959d ago

Not some UK sh** again.

PirateThom3959d ago

Yeah, cause no one from the UK reads this site.


Slayer OP3959d ago

IT just so happens Dusty is from Europe.

Surfman3959d ago

already pre-ordered mine with EB-game

resistance1003959d ago

Am i the only one who isn't getting this on launch?

ruibing3959d ago

No, I'll be in school finishing up my undergrad when this thing gets released and when I go back home its MGS4, so I won't be playing this for awhile.

d3l33t3959d ago

Mwuhahah, you cannot win ME over with simple bribes, fools.....

wait how many GB points?

Diabloz3959d ago

Already pre-ordered Gamestop.

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The story is too old to be commented.