Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds Doesn't Overwhelm - 'Requires A Meaty 3GB Installation'

Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds doesn't overwhelm. It requires a meaty 3GB for installation and the presentation hasn't changed much from previous releases. A meager six courses doesn't help either.

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TriggerHappy3962d ago

people might wanna get over the whole 'OMG we have to install' nonsense. You to install so what ? This game is awesome and to spend a few minutes installing this is not something folks should be crying about.

Grassroots3962d ago

I heard it was up to 5 gigs, 3 doesn't seem too bad (wish it was lower). I love Hot Shots, so when I get a chance I'll be picking it up for myself, and one for my golf loving dad.

Jack Bauer3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

idk how it is for everyone else, but for me at least, its the limited HDD space im concerned about (i know i can get a bigger one, i didnt spend 500 bucks on my 60 gb to have to buy another hdd tho), not a few minute load, even tho thats why i dont play PC games, i hate loading games to my hdd....3gbs isnt that bad tho.

Shaka2K63962d ago

Best golf game ever made, tons of fun on the PS2 & PSP and cant wait for the PS3 version.

decapitator3962d ago

Agree with you both. Besides, it is a one time installation process and it isn't like something you need to do every time you have to play the game. I would pick installation over disc scratching any day.

Mikey Mike3962d ago

I have the game and its fun. If you love Hot Shots you'll love this. Man people are really freaking picky these days!