21 per cent of UK parents do not check videogame age ratings

A new survey of British parents has found that 21 per cent of British parents do not check videogame age ratings. More worryingly, a further 51 per cent do not check the rating until the child is actually playing the game.

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ltachiUchiha1988d ago

My little nephews are huge fans of GTA games. They dont play it for the story, they just like the freedom of going around anywhere and just causing havok lol. In a way i love exploring aswell but its got to fit the story aswell for me to really enjoy them. My dream game would be one that lets u go in any building u see & any door u see u can open. That would rock if all games had that.

Hellsvacancy1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Well im not in that 21%, I keep an eye on what my daughter plays, shes only 5, admittedly she plays Red Dead Redemption sometimes, she just gallops around on a horse mostly, I remember this one time she called me in the room "daddy theres a man asleep on the floor with blood on him", " hmmm, thats because hes stone dead sweetheart, did you shoot him?", "yeah, it was an accident :("

Shes LOVES Ni No Kuni, but even that with its low age certification can be rather scary for her at times, she doesnt like the White Witch, not one bit

Im a gamer myself, so im bound to game with her, moderate what she plays, my missis on the other hand doesnt game, she would likely be in that 21% for that reason