Rockstar won't be showing GTA 5 at E3

Rockstar will not be attending E3, parent company Take-Two has confirmed.

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ZodTheRipper1987d ago

Why? You're probably buying it anyway so it's good in a way that they don't show that much. I'm trying not to watch anything until I have the game in my hands and play it for myself.

abzdine1987d ago

i dont mind as long as they show Agent

Hydrolex1987d ago

Im not surprised, they have never done such a thing...

Hydrolex1987d ago

I just want them to delay it and release it with ps4...god, that would be so awdsome

famoussasjohn1987d ago

Hydrolex - No. No more delays. I need this in my Xbox now, and possibly PC because the mods are amazing on GTA4!

Electroshocked1986d ago

Good strategy, but considering the amount of content that will be in GTA V, and the fact that Rockstar North stated that they're trying not to give a lot of it away, so whatever you see, will most likely inspire excitement, not ruin surprises for you.

On topic: Surprise, f***ing surprise...

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Blaze9291987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

new gamers or why is everyone acting like Rockstar has been showing at E3 these past years? They never do.

galgor1987d ago

Exactly. Just Google "Rockstar not going to e3 20--" & see for yourselves.

AngelicIceDiamond1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Precisely like 6, 7 years now.

GTA won't be at E3. Bad for us, good for competition.

Ashunderfire861987d ago

Man first Valve Now Rockstar dammit!!!!

ElitaStorm1987d ago

le rockstar thinks they are batman, hiding in le shadow

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TrevorPhillips1987d ago

I honestly don't mind, not long to go anyways till the game releases :)

coolmast3r1987d ago

Agreed. We've seen too much about GTA V with all those previews and tons of trailers.

pompombrum1987d ago

Does Rockstar have something against E3 or something? Sounds beyond ridiculous not to have GTA 5 there not to mention a kick in the teeth to long term fans attending.

Hellsvacancy1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Did R* ever say they were attending E3 this year? I dont think they did, so they aint letting anyone down, well, you maybe, cry babies will cry though

Edt: This years E3 will be all out about next gen, why do you think Nintendo is skipping it? youve already stated that GTAV is one of the most "anticipated titles of the year" do you think thatll change because R* dont attend?

pompombrum1987d ago

It's the biggest gaming convention in the world and when you have one of the most anticipated titles of the year coming out soon, it seems like common sense to want to show it off. The point of my post is that I just can't fathom their logic in not wanting to attend.

And cry baby? Really, do people even still say that these days?


seriously though... how long you been watching E3? When was the last time you saw R* there? I am not talking about a 3rd party talking about R*, I mean R* actually there...

They have not been at E3 in... well since I can remember.

If R* want to show something big off they may show something just before e3 or just after, but they do things on their own terms.

Thatguy-3101987d ago

Because they will be showing AGENT ;) Heads are going to roll !!! One more month!

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The story is too old to be commented.