Jonathan Blow: Indie devs aren’t innovative, most games are “immature” and “embarrassing”

Braid creator Jonathan Blow doesn’t see indie developers as “paragons of innovation” and thinks that most games in the videogame industry are “extremely immature” and “embarrassing.”

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ltachiUchiha1985d ago

Gosh whats up his booty? Lol angry fella but makes good games.

dedicatedtogamers1985d ago

He might've said it in a mean way, but he is right. How many indie platformsers with x generic twist + y generic twist have we seen? How many indies have flocked to copy Minecraft?

ltachiUchiha1985d ago

True but they do like creating new ideas even if it isnt mind blowing, for me a dev with new ideas is always a good thing. I tend to get bored easy especially with third party rehashes like cod games. I just love new experiences in games alot more.

hay1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

This could be said the same about "AAA" titles. How many generic first person point-and-clicks we have seen. How many big studios wanted to have their own Call of Duty/Halo kind of money cow, as he mentioned in the interview. Jumping on "less fortunate" is... Well... You know.

Indies are limited by resources, which isn't their fault, and while making some good points, he seems to be a bit short sighted.
Braid, no matter how much I liked this game, was always simplified Mario-esque platformer with a small change for me(strongly inspired by Timeshift? Which was announced about 2 years before Braid, along with multitude of flash games?), so... Yeah, Mr Blow, but the princess is in another castle.

decrypt1985d ago

He should try playing Dota 2, Warz or Portal maybe lol.

MikeMyers1985d ago

Well he is kind of right. We do hear about some of the success stories and breakthrough games like Minecraft, Braid, Fez, Limbo, Super Meat Boy and Bastion. But there's no doubt a lot of crap out there too.

Should there be a better standard of quality? Should the community or platform holder decide whether to greenlight a game or not? It's really hard to do. One mans treasure is another mans garbage.

SilentNegotiator1984d ago


While that's absolutely true, indie games tend to get free passes for being "innovative" by having a minor twist, compared to AAA games.


I believe SilentNegotiator got his point right. You can have two greatly generic games with one single innovative feature each, both features are similar in how much they change the genre gameplay, but the indie one will get praised for how it's different and the high budget one will get smashed by it's similarities with other games.

But even when that's the case, as Hay have mentioned, can you really complain at people with really limited budget, that not rarely don't make a living on developing games alone, but instead hove 2 jobs just so they can fulfill a desire? I mean, many of those people are just hobbists, amateurs, they are not high specialized professionals in a bigger payroll, they just do what they can...

So I think the problem is not with indie games getting over praised, but with high budget games getting a different treatment. In an ideal world we would treat both equally, mentioning both the good qualities and faulties of either game, which actually happen to some extent with indie games, but with high value ones they are a victim of crappy gaming media as much as they are at fault for going generic. So if you are making a big budget game you either pay a lot in ads to some sites and magazines in hope their reviewers look the other way or you better have a nearly flawless game that either is completelly innovative or comes in a highly popular franchise/format, otherwise you gonna get smashed by the media, even if they just rated the similar game they keep bringing up a 10.

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Donnieboi1985d ago

This guy sounds like a jerk. Apparently his ego was so big, that his hairline had to make room so that his head could have room for it.

CommonSense1985d ago

Speaking of generic and immature...

Have a bald joke.

Shadonic1985d ago

IDK after watching the indie movie he seemed kind of out there a bit, he makes great games but from what i got from the indie movie he was trying to find people who were like him through braid or something. IDK just ignore me im crazy :(

grailly1985d ago

calm down people. He's not talking about the indie games we love, he's mainly refering to what's on the mobile market. It's true, it's just filled with endless runners and bejewelled clones.

-Falaut-1985d ago you make fun of his receding hairline.

This is either some sort of high brow comment, or the other extreme being, well, you know. I smell the latter.

linkenski1985d ago

I bubbled you for being immature

OhMyGandhi1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

I agree tho on the ego part. This guy is one of those "big names" in indie games, and is so willing to exclude himself from the "crowd" because Braid became such a popular game. He hasn't "made it" yet to distance himself from the indie community so quickly. I smell hints of pretense with his comment, coupled with the smell of fecal matter....Because he's so full of sh*t.
Oh, and Braid was incredibly overrated.

Now, whoever made Limbo would have some bragging rights...

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1985d ago
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1985d ago

He been drinking that David Cage juice again...

Mounce1984d ago

Maybe it's because he felt like he had to-

*puts on shades*

Blow a fuse


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RmanX10001985d ago

I dont think ALL of them are immature or embarrassing... But i do think the praise for indie games is a little too high at times.

Fluke_Skywalker1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Yup, most of them just steal ideas from old games, give it a stupid pretentious name and call it innovative.
The problem is that most gamers these days probably didn't grow up playing Atari's and Commodore's so don't notice that these "new innovative" games are just a mash up of old games from back then.

majiebeast1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Why are some of these indie devs pretentious *holes?

grailly1985d ago

they happen to have opinions which they are aloud to share, unlike developpers in bigger companies.

ShiftyLookingCow1984d ago

Ever since Jobs left Earth, its the latest fad. Be cool by being a pretentious ahole.

Personally I think the Sun is an immature 14 year old for shinning so much hot light in the summer.

yewles11985d ago

I wanna' Jonathan Blow and Phil Fish (Blow Fish, XD) in a steel cage match.

sway_z1985d ago

Proof right here ^^ of a mature gamer...

Wenis1985d ago

Dude no kidding, when I saw this article and saw "Blow", I also thought of Phil Fish and thought of Blow Fish and then scrolled down and saw your comment

ShiftyLookingCow1984d ago

Blow with a samurai sword tied with dynamites and Fish with an automatic rifle that has a grenade launcher.

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