The Steam Box is Dead On Arrival

Everyday Digitals - The idea of being able to play games on the couch from arguably the best gaming platform on the market sounds great. In fact many people are already do just that. But instead of the plug & play usability of a gaming console, serious PC gamers for years have setup their computers in the living room and ran an HDMI or other, more elaborate setups out to their TVs in order to get the lean back experience. Valve made that experience more user-friendly last year by releasing a version of Steam with tweaked UI to better suit couch surfers and controllers. The release of "Big Picture Mode" was an obvious signal that Steam was vying for a more permanent spot in the living room.

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extermin8or2854d ago

hmm he has a point this isn't going to convert any PC gamers- and I can't see it having the exclusives to draw people to it-when it will have pretty much the same specs as ps4/next xbox- hmmm although if Valve say made half life 3 etc excluisve.... but I doubt they will tbh? :p

showtimefolks2854d ago

Guys any suggestion on purchasing a $500-600 PC? My surrender desktop just went bad and its about 4 years old

My budget is $500-600 any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated


Big_Mex2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago ) they have builds from people but usually on the higher end. usually has people looking for cheaper solutions. This is a $500 build that seems to be getting good responses. (link to parts)

Either way good luck!

EverydayDigitals2854d ago

Digital Trends made a "Steam Box" for $500 that looks pretty good.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2853d ago

I saw a $700 build on Flipboard, in the gaming section that pretty future maxed everything out at high fps all except crisis 3 which played at high setting at 1080p and 44fps if I'm not mistaken.

that's consider cheap in the p.c world according to the article but if you have the coin then go for it.

BattleAxe2853d ago

The only way Steam would be able to market the Steam Box is if all of valve's own games were to be exclusive to Steam, kind of like what Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft do.

I think Valve has enough good games that they make on their own to attract many console gamers. Left 4 Dead is probably the IP that has the most mass market appeal, and Half Life 3, Portal 3 and a fully featured Counter Strike game with a full single player campaign and co-op mode would attract many more gamers out there. Valve needs to stop with this "Valve Time" bullshit, and start facilitating growth of their triple A titles and their console.

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KentBlake2854d ago

I don't know...I have a big game collection on Steam, and it's just gathering digital dust, because I can't be bothered to get home from work, where I sat in front of a computer, and sit in front of another computer to play games. I play much more on my PS3 and 360 nowadays...if the Steambox has a decent performance, price, ease of use and, more importantly, a great controller that can allow me to play RTS games too, I might buy it and start PC gaming again.

I know everyone will say: "but you can connect your PC to your TV", but my computer is very big and heavy, and my living room just doesn't have any more space. It's just not practical to me. I think the Steambox is geared towards guys like me. The question is: how many of us are in the world?

EverydayDigitals2854d ago

You say you play PS3 and Xbox 360 now...Would you buy a Steam Box for $500+ instead of a PS4 or Next Xbox? The latter will be cheaper, have better performance (if you're spending less than $800 or so)and easily works on your TV.

Sure Steam has all of the RTS games (that I love as well) but you wont be playing those with a keyboard any how. Besides, have you ever played CIV 5 in 1080P? It blows.

KentBlake2854d ago

In fact, I'll probably buy them all. PS4 is for sure, NextXBox will depend on its exclusives, and Steambox if it appears to be good enough. I'm kind of a freak, I know.

aliengmr2853d ago

Amazing that you know the exact specs and pricing of something that doesn't exist.

And why does Civ 5 "blow" in 1080P? That makes no sense at all. Is it better in 720p?

MrsJazzy2853d ago

@aliengmr it's not hard to guess how much a PC cost. Steam boxes will use off the shelf parts. They won't be losing money on hardware like consoles typically do because it's an open platform. Doing so would alienate any other hardware makers from making their own Steam Boxes....but you would know that already because you actually read the article right?

LoveOfTheGame2853d ago

Yes Civ 5 does blow in 1080P. I know that seems counter intuitive but some reason 1080P on that game makes everything extremely small or at least seem far away. I have it at a much lower resolution just so I can actually see everything.

aliengmr2853d ago


Totally read it. And guessing still means no evidence at all.

I just think its strange that people assume they know enough to judge a business plan from Valve, having not actually seen a business plan.

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extermin8or2854d ago

steambox is to be running linux so windows versions of games wont work...

EverydayDigitals2853d ago

That's what it says in the article ;)

aliengmr2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

That of course assumes there will be:

A. Only one version of the "Steambox" (like the PS4 and 720)

B. That there won't be the option.

Since there was NO official reveal for a "Steambox" there isn't really anything to go on.

This was not said in the article.

MrsJazzy2853d ago

@aliengmr Not sure if you're referring to the price of Steam Boxes or to the comment you responded to (it running linux)

Either way both were mentioned in the article.

A) There will be 3 types of Steam Boxes (Good, Better, Best) which came from Gabe himself. All will use off the shelf hardware as they aren't creating unique architecture for it, which is the whole point. It'll be upgradable.

B) You will have the option to add Windows to the machines if you want (mention in the article) but as you know this will effect the performance of the machine (Windows 7 uses at least 2GB of ram)

hennessey862854d ago

Play my PC(steam) on my living room TV so the steam box is useless to me.

PirateThom2854d ago

I just hooked my laptop to my TV via HDMI last night for the first time and was playing STALKER.... why does a Steam Box even exist?

Pintheshadows2854d ago

God, I love STALKER. Original, Clear Skies or CoP?

Pintheshadows2854d ago

Nice. I'm playing CoP at the minute with the Misery mod.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2853d ago

Mybe to move away from windows and do their own thing.if steam goes linex only you better believe every pc game is going linex aswell.

Spinal2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Never gonna happen. Repeat NEVER gonna happen.

The install base of Windows is far TOO HUGE for any business including game developers to stop producing software for windows. You're living in a dream world if you think Steam or any other game developer would stop supporting Windows their company will go the way of THQ and will have to sell their assets.

Think about what your saying don't you know that a Windows PC/Laptop is almost as common in a household as a TV? Think about it.

LoveOfTheGame2853d ago

He didn't say they would stop supporting Windows, that would be crazy at first, but rather that if Valve starts making a bigger push toward linux other would start supporting it. Would make games on PC a lot more efficient.

spok222854d ago

C'mon now... do they really do this for every single console coming out? -_-

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