JP Sales Forecast: Vita Staying Golden?

"But now is when things get tricky. There are no holidays coming until mid July, and the Vita won't get any new games until May 23rd, when Valhalla Knights 3 arrives. Moreover, that will be its one and only new game for the whole month of May." -GR

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knifefight2078d ago

I do not understand how Valhalla Knights games keep selling enough to warrant sequels. Who is buying this? I enjoyed the first one for all of, say, 3 hours, but ugh, after that I couldn't stand it.

ftwrthtx2078d ago

Hopefully more games will be announced for the Vita and more interactivity with the PS3 (as promised) will finally come around.

dbjj120882078d ago

Love this forecast format. I hope Vita stays Golden into holiday shopping here in the states too.

Agent_hitman2078d ago

Forecast, makes everything so complicated more. I'd assume