PS3 Playable in Best Buy TODAY?!?

If word from the PS3 Forums is anything to go by, there may very well be a playable PS3 kiosk waiting to just obliterate your soul's despondency!

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specialguest5896d ago

i could not access the PS3 forum, but i might just take a detour to Best Buy on my way home from work anyway. i won't have high hopes though, but it doesn't hurt to find out.

Siesser5896d ago

I thought this was debunked; stores have been having those displays for awhile now. Well, my Best Buy doesn't have one out, for what it's worth.

12Volt5896d ago

Whoever put this out as a sick joke must receive 1000 years of pain!

jwbrowningjr5896d ago

Just called my local bestbuys they haven't even got word that the kiosk is on the way

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The story is too old to be commented.