Naruto Storm 3: CC2 President Says Edo Kage Under DLC Consideration

In an interview president of developer CyberConnect2 says fans might get their wish after all.

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tayz3173d ago

oh gawd, please yes, please yes!! i played over 1200 matches but nothing would renew my passion like this!! Matsuyama, dont disappoint me!!!

Yi-Long3172d ago

... because of all the DLC-milking.

Perhaps if they release a complete edition, I might reconsider.

PrinceOfAnger3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

epic game my jaw was on the floor all the time !! especially the last two battles

CaptainSheep3172d ago

1200 matches? Dayyuuum.
I didn't even get a chance to play this 'cuz of my exams. :P

Snookies123173d ago

Didn't they say it "couldn't" be done? Liars... I love CC2, but that was just a flat out lie. They better do this after showing the Edo Kage in the trailers leading up to the game. They focused on them, making me believe they were a part of the roster.

Dark_Overlord3172d ago

Anyone else think the title is pretty much a spoiler for those who only watch the anime :D

Zeniix3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

If Naruto Generations didn´t got released then storm 3 would be much better, just saying.

And I think it´s to late for me to get back to storm 3 even if they release this dlc that got asked for months ago.

Shadonic3172d ago

Im not going to buy it. I applaud them for considering it after people asked for it but after literally predicting the art and how there moves would function before even fighting them and seeing that most of them are basically replastered moves from other characters it just disappoints me that there going to possibly charge the gamers for it.

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