If The New Xbox Was Cheaper Than PS4, Would You Consider It?

Price is always a determining factor. If money was tight and you really wanted a next-gen console this year, would you spring for a cheaper Xbox 720?

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ape0071987d ago

it MUST be cheaper, going head to head against SONY in the same time period with the same price is a suicide imo, yeah I prefer xbox 360 this gen (still like ps3) but that's the truth and btw ps2 was one of my fav consoles of all time

Upbeat1987d ago

personally I think ill buy both, for the best of both worlds, playstation have proven that there 1st party development teams can come up with some truly terrific games, the birth of the 360 had some great games aswell, gow, halo 3 and lost odyssey, but all the quality games on 360 just died away at the same time the ps3 games got better and better, hope the same doesnt happen for next gen.

capjacksparrow1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

PS4 is a definite for me. The New Xbox has to have everything the PS4 has, games I'm really interested in (of which the 360 didn't have many for me), and an extremely low price before I buy one. I am not a fanboy of any specific console manufacturer, I actually played my original Xbox just as much (maybe even more) as my PS2. This past generation has been completely different. I bought the 360 for 200 bucks and played 4 games on it. I just don't know if it's worth the investment.

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The story is too old to be commented.