Budget Next-Gen Xbox Up in the Air and Why That’s a Good Thing

VG Republic Writes: According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the proposed budget Xbox 720 (Fusion) that would be focused around bringing casual games and media to your living room is now up for dispute as to whether or not it will actually come to fruition. It would seem like Microsoft would be all of the thought of providing consumers with a cheaper more casual geared system as they have attempted to grasp a sizable chunk of that particular market with the Kinect ever since Nintendo found it with the Wii. However, it is a good thing for both the gaming market and the company itself.

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GraveLord1984d ago

It would cannibalize sales of the full-featured Xbox 720. Horrible idea. Hopefully it never comes out.

PigPen1984d ago

It's coming out and you shouldn't wish bad things. It just might be a future purchase for me. What, you don't like Halo.

FrigidDARKNESS1984d ago

Releasing two systems would split your market not a good idea but defintely hope MS release the hi-end console.

Urusernamesucks1983d ago

No it wouldn't, their releasing two systems that they own and will get profit out of selling either one.

They're giving the consumer a choice weather they want a hardcore gaming console, or a full on casual console.

More choices more sales.

cl19831984d ago

It didn't hurt them with having the core and 20 gig versions.

Droid Control1984d ago

Yes it did. Not having a hard drive on every console gimped the experience for true gamers because developers couldn't harness the HDD the way the could on the original Xbox and PS3.

cl19831984d ago

Some gamers may have, but it didn't hurt microsoft.

Talamak1984d ago

I don't like the idea of a gimped version of any console....