Video Games Versus a U.S. "Recession"

Most pundits analyzing the rumored "imminent" US economic recession in light of overwhelming video game revenues merely reiterate sales figures before shrugging into an assumption that gaming is siphoning revenue from the rest of the leisure market. No one knows, of course. No one actually has sales data that proves as much. We just know that despite all the doom and gloom in the general media about "markets," video game sales are up, and we're talking way up. The rest is just a guessing game -- just like the notion of "when" (as opposed to "if") in relation to the "R" word.

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americanGTA3866d ago

Yes, I went to best buy the other day, not only did i see more 10x more employees than customers, (it was a day after brawl came out) and i didnt see one sale of brawl! or that new GOW psp game.... and on a side note i went to see semi-pro today in NYC, and only 2 other people are watching! really sucks that we are in a recession