Deep Silver Explains Why Metro: Last Light's Ranger Mode Is A Pre-Order DLC

DSOGaming writes: "By now, most Metro fans are pretty pissed off about the Ranger Mode DLC of Metro: Last Light. If you’re a regular here, you may remember that we covered this story back in March. It seems most gaming websites though found out about this deal a couple of days ago. After various complains and rumors, suggesting that retailers forced Deep Silver to include the Ranger Mode as a DLC, we are here with Deep Silver’s community manager, who claims that the Ranger Mode DLC ’is not something we would have chosen to do, had we have been in charge of publishing this title from the start.’"

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NYC_Gamer2037d ago

I'm not even buying that lame excuse

Jovanian 2036d ago

Its a legitimate reason why the DLC hasn't been canceled

Deep silver acquires last light from THQ, last light already had preorder incentives sent out to retailers, already had preorder marketing sent out to retailers. People already had money placed down on preorders, and if Deep silver out of the blue decided to remove this preorder DLC then they'd have to do several things. Deep Silver wouldn't have been able to change it even if they wanted to.

-Create an entirely new preorder incentive to fill the gap for retailers
-inform everyone who had money down already that their purchase was going to be changed, and offer refunds if necessary
-rescind all traces of the preorder offer and do a completely new marketing for whatever new preorder incentive they propose

I am the biggest enemy of DLC. I haven't purchased DLC since a few years ago when I had my 360. I think DLC should never be charged, and I even think stuff like the bioshock infinite DLC should be free, but in the situation of last light I understand the situation and think the reasons this DLC was allowed to survive was because of a host of management issues outside the hands of 4A Games and Deep silver, and I'm not gonna punish 4A games for what THQ did. If by the next metro game they still have this sort of DLC, then no I will no longer support it...but if you have an adequate understanding of the situation now, you'd realize the DLC is the result of things DS have no control of, and isn't likely to continue in the future

MysticStrummer2036d ago

Until gamers send a clear message that this kind of thing won't fly, it will keep happening. I know this will be seen as a fanboy comment... but that includes all you people who pay extra to use the online portion of the game you already bought. Wake the hell up.

Jovanian 2036d ago

gamers should be entitled to every bit of content on the disk the moment they purchase the game at the base price of the game, except for the content that is locked and unlockable by playing the game

gamers should also get any and all DLC for the game for free. No 15 dollar map packs, no 2 hour expansions that cost 15 dollars, none of that. I only support the charging of DLC if it is a substantial addition to the base game like the GTA 4 Liberty city stories DLC.

All that being said, this DLC is acceptable in my opinion. I may be biased because I purchased the game for only 37.50 from GMG and have an understanding of the situation more than 'hurr durr they are so greedy charging me for this DLC! how dare they! durr why don't they just cancel it!' Like Kahn said in metro 2033, try to get a better understanding of things before you make your judgement

aliengmr2036d ago

Very true, bubble.

The reality is, Metro isn't as popular as other franchises, so when they do something like this its seen as horrible and greedy.

Realplaya2036d ago

How did we as consumers get to this spot in life. Is it because I'm older and believe that a $60.00 should be a complete product.

Bathyj2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

Because gamers let things (small at first) slide.

Then they become normal and acceptable.

Then the publishers push it a bit more to see what they can get away with.

Then we let that slide because its only a little bit worse than what we already call normal, and not really a big deal since we let it go in the first place.

Then that becomes normal.

Then the can see where I'm going with this.

The point is, once you start eroding something, in this case our reasonable expectation of value, where does it stop? What are we going to be willing to put up with in 10 years?

Rust never sleeps.

oof462036d ago

No matter what they say, people will not believe them.

1OddWorld2036d ago

I don't purchase DLC for any game. And I surely wont pay to play online. I do have PS+ though and it is amazing.

Play for free on PS3.

Does Xbox charge you to get into your house to play?

Haha I make jokes. Sorry

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