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"Back in 2010, gamers saw the release of 4A Games’ sleeper hit Metro 2033 which received universal praise thanks to its phenomenal narrative. Several years following its release, the team behind the first game is back to bring Metro: Last Light. Assuming the game retains a good storyline just like the first game, does the game have anything else to offer to fans?" - JPS

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admiralvic2036d ago

Seems like a great game, shame the preorder DLC has me rethinking my purchase.

MightyMark4272036d ago

I was afraid Last Light would be easier than 2033. Ranger mode seems like the way to go. Too bad they decided to make it paid DLC for everyone who didn't pre-order.

TedCruzsTaint2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

Been really good so far. That said, not all that far into it really.
The movement feels a bit better and the overall visuals, both in terms of fidelity as well as the world realized, are a large step above the original, in my opinion. That is saying a lot, really.
Just happy I have time between tonight and tomorrow evening before I have to worry about work. Actually get the chance to put some real time into a new release, at release.
Performance on PC is definitely improved over the original. As I said, the visuals have seen a rather significant upgrade over 2033 and, even then, I am averaging another 15 - 20 frames, everything maxed, outside of SSAO (not needed. haven't noticed any need for anti-aliasing) compared to the 50 or so I average on 2033. This is with a overclocked 680.

MasterD9192036d ago

Glad to hear that they've upgraded the gameplay and feel of Metro 2033. I felt the movement in 2033 was a bit too stale and just felt "off".

Looking forward to playing Last Light, although I am waiting on a general consensus score (which seems to be around 8-8.5/10).