Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Hands-On by GameSpot

With little more than a week before Gran Turismo 5 Prologue finally hits Europe, anticipation for the game is reaching fever pitch. Sony has certainly pulled out all the stops for the series' unveiling on the PlayStation 3; it's nearly impossible to avoid the TV advertising campaign in the UK, and if you're a car fanatic then you've probably heard that the first British showing of the Nissan GT-R will take place at a Gran Turismo media event on March 27. GameSpot received a surprise email from Sony this week inviting them to download the game. Naturally, they wasted no time in doing so to report back.

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resistance1003957d ago

I think i speak for all us GT fans when i say

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and one more time

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Doppy3957d ago

Prologue sound cool, but I want to know when GT5 the full game comes out.

Lord Anubis3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

i hope they add other brands like Porsche and Lamborghini

Rice3957d ago

Why does the frame rate drop to 30fps for replays???

SmokeyMcBear3957d ago

because movies play at 29.7 fps

Lord Anubis3957d ago

because the game technology uses a stream system it focus on a camera when playing the game so the bubble stays consistent. However for replays, the camera has to switch on the fly to follow the car so the dropped the frame so they can have the enviorement on the scenes.

Xibot3957d ago

the human eye can't register any fps higher than 28 fps, and because the replays are static video (no physics, ai, etc).

So what they do is drop the fps so that they can up the AA, resolution, and poly count to make the game look better for the replays.

gambare3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

and seems to be ok if they pull more effects to enjoy a cinematic feeling

TheIneffableBob3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

Why do people still spread the "human eye cannot see >x0 FPS" misconception?


Read and be educated.

Rice3957d ago

It drops to 30fps so that they can up the AA, resolution and poly count..Is that true???

Lord Anubis3957d ago

it does add effects but it doesn't increase the polycount, that's just silly.

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Spinner3957d ago

Ahh yes, Gamespot.

Can't wait for their review: 1/10 because it's too realistic?

EZCheez3957d ago

Maybe getting it before us Americans somewhat makes up for all those horrible PSN updates you guys get.

Let us know how it is when you get it, and don't hold anything back! I would love to see a lot of user reviews.

Meus Renaissance3957d ago

I'm going to do a video review of this.!

EZCheez3957d ago

I appreciate the opinions of us real gamers before I would any "professional" reviewer. Any opinion from the guys on this site is very much appreciated.

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