Sony: 'Resistance 2 is About A 50Gig Game' - GTTV Extended Cuts

Scott Steinberg and Evan Wells give Geoff the skinny behind Blu-Ray, the future format of Gears of War 2 and how Sony will secure the console war in 2008. He also makes an interesting comment regarding Resistance 2, watch the video to find out what he said.

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decapitator4498d ago

I am not surprise one bit. Considering what Insomniac is doing, 50GB seems like the only way to go. Now, all they have to do is release a trailer and we all set.

LJWooly4498d ago

Yeah, I remember Kojima whining about the limited space on Blu-Ray, yet Insomniac said nothing, and Resistance 2, from what we've seen from it, seems to be an awesome game.

If this goes as planned, MGS4 might have a fight on it's hands.

decapitator4498d ago

Actually, in an interview with Ted Price, he revealed that they could have used 50GB for the first Resistance but they probably wouldn't have had enough content on there. Also, they did not wanna use 50GB on their first game on the PS3.

Now that the gloves are off and they practically know a lot more about the PS3 than some of the other developers, they is not stopping them.

sonarus4498d ago

haha i like how the interviewer says "microsoft is making a lot of NOISE with their exclusive downloadable content" which is really all they are doing. Noise. Because the reality of it is while its nice to have most gamers don't care that much about it. However microsoft is doing everything in their power to weigh so much importance behind it

decapitator4498d ago

Yeah thats Geoff Keighly ( I think I spelled his name wrong). He is awesome. He is really a people person. He is also the dude that put FAUX news at their place when they started sh!t about Mass Effect.

jwatt4498d ago

Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 in 2008! I can't wait untill E3 and MGS4.

robbo9184498d ago

Geoff is incredible. Scott was ok, nothing short of sounding like a politician though. Geoff kept pushing him, it was funny. Geoff cracks me up the way he interviews so loosely. Geoff for President 2008!!!

Sev4498d ago

2 50GB games this year? Will there be more? This is amazing.

50GB is something I could expect from Kojima and MGS4. Not to say Insomniac isnt talented, but they are really surprising me with the unbelievably high quality games they are releasing and developing.

Sony was so right by putting Blu-Ray in the PS3. I always knew the space would eventually be needed. Sony sure made alot of people eat their words. So many people were saying that there wouldn't be a need for a 25GB disc, and there are already 2 50GB games in the pipeline. Maybe more!!!

I didnt even like FPS, until I played Resistance, and since then I have gotten into the FPS genre a little more, and Resistance remains my favorite becasue of the light hearted approach to it. Also gotta love the weapons and the 40 player deathmatch.
I cant wait to try more weapons in a 60 player match.

Hell to the yeah.

gonzopia4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

Don't forget, Insomniac also used 22GB of the 25GB Blu-ray for Ratchet & Clank Future. They're taking advantage of this extra space. We may need that quad-layer 100GB Blu-ray disc before we know it, or better yet, TDK's experimental 200GB Blu-ray disc. :)

EDIT: Hrmm... being phantom-disagreed with. Meh, whatever.

Lifendz4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

wow....not sure he was whining. I think he was joking when he said 50 gigs wasn't enough. ANd if he wasn't it was probably some form of spin to underhandedly praise PS3 whilst simultaneously slighting the 360.

cLiCK_sLiCK94498d ago

Is it even possible to have a 100 gig BD running on PS3? So games in near the future (2-3 years from now) have a chance of being on a 100 gig BD, if developers decided to?

gonzopia4498d ago

What I've read and what I'm told is... yes. The 100GB quad-layer disc exists and is readable from a standard BD drive like that in the PS3, so we could see it before too long. I also understand that current examples of 200GB and 250GB BD discs (which also exist) require special optics, so the PS3 wouldn't be able to use those without a hardware upgrade.

JsonHenry4498d ago

I wonder why it is that this game is "50GB" when a game like Crysis did not fill up an entire DVD9?

No compression?

The Lazy One4498d ago

There's no excuse for every PS3 game not to take up the entire space. 360 games would probably take up the space if they weren't compressed, so there's no reason a PS3 game uncompressed shouldn't take up a big portion of the space.

It's a very misleading comment to say that it takes up a 50gb disc without specifying how much of that data in uncompressed.

Also, did he really say the PS3 would pass the Wii THIS YEAR?

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Shaka2K64498d ago

Real next gen. games that dont last 4 hours.

i would be very surprised if gears of short 2 is longer then 5 hours with the meciocre AI in this game anybody can easily beat it in 2 hours.

GETPWNT4498d ago

You're right! It's almost as short as God of War 1, 2 (since u claim it's even SHORTER than 1), and Lesbian Sword!!! TOTALLY!!!!! BLUR-RAY FTW!!!!

Sir Ken Kutaragi 34498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

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Just think you could be playing -
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DragonKnight4498d ago

God of War 1 and 2 are both longer than Cogs of War. Heavenly Sword is the same length as Cogs of War. Unless you believe the people that say Cogs of War is only 4 hours.

Scott_Steinberg4498d ago

The Master Sir Ken Kutaragi knows what he's talking about!!!!PS3 FTW

Phil Harrison Mk44498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

You forgot -
'God of War 3'!!! ;-P

+I can see the Little Green xBot Lemmings following Bill Gate$ off a CLIFF!!!
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jwatt4498d ago

It's crazy how everyone was bashing the ps3 not even a year ago, now the tables have turned.

iAmPS34498d ago

Are we really gonna talk about this abomination again?????

carl ps34498d ago

and it was the xFlop 360 fanboys slagging off the PS3 every minute
:-/ they will never stop the ps3 from being a success! :D
Poor things :D and they don't like it to! :D :D :D

spandexxking4498d ago

@1.8 man bubbles thats funny.... cmon xbox guys you have to admit:P

thekingofMA4498d ago

ok we get it! youve made your point!

you obviously dont like gears of war (although if it was on ps3 you would love it admit it)

but does that mean you have to post the same exact picture every single freaking thread!

get a new joke! yea it was funny the first time, and the second time, not thinking it would be that, it was funny again

but after 20 times, no, it is not funny anymore

you clearly dont like gears of war, whatever, fine-but please for the love of whoevers out there stop posting the same damn picture!

Homicide4498d ago

The xbots are afraid of the power of the cell! Play b3yond.

iAmPS34498d ago

I am sorry, thekingofMA, not everyone is a troll like you and clicks on every single thread posted.

It's a attached image, just click if you want my friend.

And as a Sony Soldier is my duty to show the world the truth.

May Sony Gods Bless Us All!!!!!

BLUR1114498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

i got both 360 and ps3 i can play all exclusive's Ha yeesss!!
ps: fanboys parents should take there internet away cuz they sssuuuccckkk uhh yeah! ummkay

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Jack Bauer4498d ago

considering a 8 gb game on the 360 takes about 15 hrs (Bioshock) i expect a 90 hour long resistance 2...

decapitator4498d ago

The multi and co-op mode should give you plenty of play time so dont worry.

FirstknighT4498d ago

You clearly are misinformed. Heavenly Sword was about 25 gigs and it only had 6 hours of gameplay. LMAO

Superiorrior4498d ago

Uhh, Gears of War lasts 4 hours for the story mode, not to mention Heavenly Sword looks undeniably better than the Unreal Engine.

Jack Bauer4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

im just saying, the whole 50 gb thing is old, when games at the same length fit on 8 i misimformed? what does sony do with that wasted space?

edit: its not the size, its how well you use it... had to say it ha... i know the 50 gb of real space is bs, obviously fluff... at least i know insomniac will use it well.

heyheyhey4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

yeah, HS is great- but too short

they used 25gig to store multiple copies of textures to cut down loading times (something that's not possible on the 360- and no, i don't know why i had to throw that in, open zone and all that you know)

even if the single-player in Res 2 is short, you will surely be able to clock in the hours on MP and 8-player Co-op

but Res 1 single-player was quite lengthy, so i expect nothing less from Res 2


are you for real mate? i seriously think your just joking around at this point- if you are for real, then PLEASE get help

power of Green 4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

Why troll news looking for ways of making PS3 look good all day twisting info and bending the rules for less than 200 people?. Talk about acting like a child spending all day trying to convince people your toy is better than others lol.

When ever there is good 360 news starting to flow in; your ass is in a hury to counter it with news you troll in response every time. Don't call me out comparing me to your brother. LOL

I doubt your little brother is so fanatical he comes across as a kid trying to convince his groupies his toy is the best 24/7 on some website no one cares about, your little brother doesn't spend great deals of time everyday trolling news for his toy looking for sh*t to post lowl.

ruibing4498d ago

Well considering only RPGs on floppy disks took days to finish, I don't think size is proportional gameplay time. But if you look at graphics and visuals, then Blu Ray will easily take the lead by allowing lossless textures and audio for every PS3 exclusive title.

GETPWNT4498d ago

"they used 25gig to store multiple copies of textures to cut down loading times (something that's not possible on the 360"

LOL. Why would 360 WANT to do that? 360's DVD drive is insanely fast. No need for 5 gig installs or the same 5 gigs copied 50 gigs over to make-up for still being slower at reading and loading game data than a 360. Don't lie again.

LJWooly4498d ago

It's all down to the developers, not necessarily the platform. You can use all the space in the world and your game can still suck. Luckily, developers seem to be finding fantastic uses for Blu-Ray, such as (as heyheyhey mentioned) copying multiple textures to cut down loading times.

Shame developers like Capcom seem to still need 5gb of HDD space for just about every PS3 game they make. It's as if they're doing it by purpose or something.

DragonKnight4498d ago

Lying again I see. 360's DVD drive is 12x and is only 1 MB/sec faster than the PS3's 2x Blu-Ray Drive.

So, what's this "insanely fast" thing you were saying again?

The difference in loading times is literally seconds, not minutes.

heyheyhey4498d ago


wrong, here's something i had to explain to TheRETARD a little while back:

"while the 2X BD drive in the PS3 IS actually slightly slower than the maximum read speed of the 360's 12X DVD drive- there are a few catches:

first off BD has the same read speed across the whole disk- while DVD is faster on the outer layers, but slower on the inside

2X BD is slower than the outer layers of DVD, but faster than the inner layers- and while devs mostly put important files on the outer layers, they are running out of this outer layer space (you WILL see slower 360 loading times in the future because of this, i know you will be in denial about this too, but just sit tight and watch)

the second catch is this- BD doesn't need to use installs to counter BD being slower than max. DVD speed- Devs use the masive extra space to store duplicate textures to speed up loading times- this technique isn't possible on the 360

this is why games like Uncharted don't need install yet have only one loading time and have outstanding graphics

and those installs are there for a reason- loading times on PS3 for DMC and LP are faster than on the 360 due to this

you are delusional- Devs don't NEED to use installs to counter-anything- it's just there as an option because HDD is standard in all PS3's (and uses SATA technology making it faster than 360's HDD)"

this is based on well known facts so i am not lieing, try again

GETPWNT4498d ago

Uhhhhh, so then why did capcom and naughy dog or whatever and others say they did what they did to make-up for slower loading times? I must have just made that up. Sorry. I'll stop lying, and stop watching their dev videos.

Phil Harrison Mk44498d ago

GETPWNT you still here???
Choke on that banana you CryBabyBot!!! ;-D

spandexxking4498d ago

wow its so cool! we've got loads of experts here on N4G! if you need to know anything about your console of choice, ask these guys^^^^^^^ they know everything!! roflmao!!

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TriggerHappy4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

Interesting. Let me try to predict whats going to happen in this post : PS3 fans will come out screaming, "OMG BD is teh sh!t, dvd is teh useless". 360 fans will reply, 'devs sucks and they can't use compression"

And at the end of the day, we are back to square one. It never ends.

EDIT: Yeah you could add that one as well.

toughNAME4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

Don't forget the old Quality over Quantity argument. I'm serious.

Bnet3434498d ago

Actually we never got off square 1. We're always going to be on square 1. square 1 = epic .... biatch

permutated4498d ago

Quality over quantity.

However, in the digital realm, the size of the files = uncompression, especially regarding audio; that's a big bonus to have pure audio that unaltered by codec restrictions. Also, the amount of included textures can benefit greatly.

gonzopia4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

You can certainly argue that quality is not directly related to quantity. Look at Tetris, or for a more modern example, look at fl0w. In fact, look at most flash games on the web. These are simple games, and are typically tons of fun.

That's a pretty extreme example, however. Take Ratchet & Clank. It's a pretty simple game, mostly. I mean, it's not hard core in the way that Gears Of War or Halo or Resistance or MGS are hard core. Still, Insomniac was able to take advantage of that BR disc to expand upon the game in ways that wouldn't have been possible on a single DVD.

It doesn't mean every game needs to fill 50GB, but many will certainly benefit from it. What I'd really like to see is Microsoft make the digital download argument for games of this size. Please, entertain me.

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toughNAME4498d ago

Are numbers all we know of this game?

fenderputty4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

We know it's got 8 person co-op for online. That specific co-op is a different storyline from the main single player mode(although not as in depth). We know that the story will be told from the FP view the entire time and will be more in depth than the first. We know that the online will have 60 people. We also know that to control those 60 people, insomniac has implemented a class/squad system. We also know there will be vehicles online too. To top that off, we know that the engine used in the game is the same as R&C and of course RFOM 1. We know that the leap from RFOM to R&C is the same as the leap they made from R&C to RFOM2. meaning this game will look bonkers. That's a lot to know about a game.

InMyOpinion4498d ago

Yeah! 50gb of used space and 60 player online automatically makes it the greatest game in history!

toughNAME4498d ago

50, 8, 60.

I knew that already guys

ruibing4498d ago


At least they are trying to challenge themselves in making something new. Resistance 1 was their first FPS and game on the PS3, and now they have a 3rd generation engine and the experience to create an even better experience. No the technology doesn't make it a better game, but the fact that they are always pushing the limit tells me PS3 owners should look forward to the title.

4498d ago
Bathyj4498d ago

No one said that Jenzo.

But we do know 50gb of used space and 60 player online automatically makes you defensive. You wear your emotions on your sleeve.

When you guys start acting all nervous about a PS3 game, they're usually doing something right.

EZCheez4498d ago

Honestly, ask yourself that. And if you would read some of the news that comes in concerning this game, you would know plenty more than just numbers.

What's the point of your comment? Did you say it to unnerve someone or are you that naive?

There is plenty to know of this game, so if all you know is numbers, I urge you to pick up the copy of Game Informer that had an 8 page special on it. And I can assure you there was more printed on the pages than 50,8,60

SmokeyMcBear4498d ago

yeah.. toughflame is just trying to rattle some feathers, posting flamebait while his jealousy is very transparent. I know why they werent talking about numbers with halo 3 (except for the 3 part) because the numbers were exactly the same.

4498d ago
Kleptic4498d ago

^^^^its time to update your sarcasm detection software dude...

Chuck Norris4498d ago

At the end of the day, size matters.

butterfinger4498d ago

Who cares if numbers were all we knew about this game? It's not going to come out for another 6 months or more, and I'm sure gayNAME will have plenty of opportunities to learn all about it. Honestly, why do you post bs when this means nothing to you? Carry it to the open zone.

InMyOpinion4498d ago

I was joking. I guess you don't see the irony in it. You are the one wearing your emotions on a sleeve since you can't take a joke.

I never said the game looks bad or anything. I think it looks great, and will probably be even better than the first. Size can be a good thing, and bad. What worries me a little is how they are going to accomplish 60-player multiplayer levels that are fun to play. Not the easiest thing to design =)

Btw, Heavenly Sword took up 25gb and lasted for 6-7 hours. Mass Effect has 20,000+ lines of dialog - roughly the equivalent of 20 movies. It also has a word count of around 400,000 words - somewhere in the area of 4-5 full novels, and takes around 20 hours to finish not counting side quests. It all fits nicely on a dual layer dvd.

What does that tell us? What matters is how they handle the data, not the size of it.

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