Evil Geniuses Loses Another Player - Stephano Announces Retirement

Ilyes "Stephano" Satouri, at the age of 20 announces his retirement from professional gaming to complete his education. Stephano is one of the most winningest foreigners in Starcraft 2, having made $216,000 in prize money alone.

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Wenis2079d ago

Why would a 20 yr old who has made nearly a quarter million playing video games retire

weekev152079d ago

I think he probably got that from the article.

His point was, a quarter mil playing computer games? Where do I sign up? I guess to get good enough to make that kind of money you'd be pretty bored though and he maybe wants to get out of Korea...

Mainsqueeze2078d ago

Hes thinking about his future not his present. Sure that's a good amount of money for what like 3 years of playing starcraft but the pro gaming scene changes alot. Look at Halo in its heyday, people would of never guessed that it would be taken over by LoL or any other game, but Halo pros make just barely a fraction of what they used to. Less risk going to school and getting an education. Plus what is this guy going to do when hes like 40 surely he wouldn't be as good at video games.

jc485732079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

can you think of a better idea to spend the money? Come on, if I had the money, I'd go back and finish my other degrees.

ziggurcat2079d ago

who cares. starcraft is ****ing terrible.

Skate-AK2079d ago

Probably doesn't want to get carpal tunnel.

oof462079d ago

Using games as a means to an end. Interesting.

Erdrick2078d ago

I'm hoping these pros that are quitting now (Stephano, Idra) will come back after all the expansion packs have come out. Starcraft 2 is still in a growing stage, a lot can change, and esports is only going to get better.