Could Skype Be The Killer App For Microsoft's Next Xbox?

Forbes - As we look ahead to Microsoft announcement of its next Xbox, there’s as much attention being paid to non-gaming uses as there is to actual games. That’s good and bad — while broader appeal is always nice, this is a games console and it needs to attract gamers. The notion of a TV tuner has gotten a lot of press, but there’s one other app that could prove crucial to marketing and selling the next Xbox: ubiquitous videochat client Skype. For one thing, you don’t buy a company for $8.5 billion and then not enable it on a new piece of hardware.

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iGAM3R-VIII2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

I disagree 100%. How can it, it is an entertainment app on a GAMING console. It may be a plus to the console BUT I doubt that Skype would be the killer app

GalacticEmpire2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

Chances are it'll be on PS4 too or just one of the MANY other video apps out there. PS3 even has video chat right now, how could Skype possibly be a killer app for Xbox 3?

matrixman922077d ago

Microsoft bought no it wont be on ps4

Dlacy13g2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

Given MS now owns Skype...I doubt you will see an actual app for it on the PS4. I think the reason people are saying it could be a killer app for the next xbox is that its widely rumored that skype will be integrated into Xbox Live voice chat so when on the xbox you will be on skype not needing to run it as a secondary app.

@Yo Mama... Sony does not "own" blu ray. They are part of the Blu Ray Consortium which licenses out the tech.

The current 19 board members (as of June 2009) are:
Apple Inc.
Dell Inc.
Hitachi, Ltd.
Intel Corporation
LG Electronics
Mitsubishi Electric
Panasonic Corporation
Pioneer Corporation
Royal Philips Electronics
Samsung Electronics
Sharp Corporation
Sony Corporation
Sun Microsystems
TDK Corporation
Technicolor SA
20th Century Fox
Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group
Warner Bros. Entertainment

Yo Mama2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )


Sony owns Blu-Ray so it won't be in the next Xbox..... See how that works?

But on a serious note, I fail to see how an app that's on virtually every Tv, phone and Blu-ray player can be a killer app.

JBSleek2077d ago

@ Yo Mama

Sony doesn't own blu ray or should I say isn't the sole owner in it.

jimbobwahey2077d ago


You do raise a valid point however I think Skype is available on the Vita? I'm not 100% certain though, and have no idea if Sony integrated it before the Microsoft buyout.

I wouldn't say there's 0% chance of Skype being on PS4, but at the same time it is highly unlikely. I guess it depends on if Microsoft decides they want to boast exclusivity of the feature or try and make some money off Sony for letting them use it.

I've no doubt though that Microsoft will go crazy with the social features of the next Xbox, but I think Sony have probably left plenty of free memory of the OS available for integrating any features they're missing via patches. I recall Eurogamer mentioning that Sony reserved 1GB ram for OS functions.

MysticStrummer2077d ago

@Diacy - So if it's integrated into XBL will it be replacing regular cross game chat? Obviously there's a video aspect to it as well, but won't that impact system resources?

Yo Mama2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )


Sony was the main driving force in developing Blu-ray. Just because corporations have joined the board doesn't mean they own it. Apple is listed, but tell me if you have ever heard of them using Blu-ray in one of their macbooks? No.

All I'm saying is that just because MS now owns Skype, doesn't mean they won't license it out to Sony...just as it doesn't mean Sony wouldn't not license out Blu-ray to MS.

Dlacy13g2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

@MysticStrummer that is part of the excitement if you ask me. Supposedly MS has upwards of 3GB of RAM set aside for OS. If that is true this new machine should be able to handle Skype running in the background easily and video too. Again all speculation... but the rumors of skype replacing the current game chat have been very strong for some time. It really makes sense when you realize MS owns skype and that they want this connected eco system between phones, tablets, pc's and the xbox. Skype would easily connect all those platforms together effortlessly.

@Yo Mama, you raise a very fair point about licensing out skype. Certainly MS allowed Skype to go to the Vita even though they had bought Skype on May 10, 2011 and the Vita didn't launch until December 17, 2011. They certainly could have tried to fight it but chose not to.

link to info on the Blu Ray Association/consortium:

Sitdown2077d ago


I know people don't usually click and read the article, but Geeeeeeeeez, you don't even read the little summary.

sprinterboy2077d ago

Agreed, I have never used or even no anyone who has used there PS3 video chat to call mum or grandma, dont get me wrong used the video chat for people I met in home but calling grandma to say night will not take off, skype as a service sure will add to the MS features though for those who might want to use it for gaming.

MysticStrummer2077d ago

@Diacy - How it impacts the OS wouldn't be much of a concern to me. How it impacts games would be. Thanks for the answer though. It was an honest question.

shoddy2076d ago

There are so many other ways to video chat.

CEOSteveBallmer2076d ago

Duhh to these people ranting about skype on xbox, The vita has skype in it. What can you guys say about that??

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Knight_Crawler2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

I was wondering when this would eventually happen. Skype seems like a no brainer....I have Skype on my tablet, my desktop, my phone....And Yes, I wouldn't mind being able to Skype on my Kinect. It would be great to have your whole family in front of the Tv talking to Relatives...if you don't like it don't use it

Edit: Having the ability to use Skype on the NextBox does not take away any other abilities from the NextBox. Its not like they had to remove the ability to play games because they've added Skype instead. People should be seeing this as a good thing, Party chat, which is heavily praised and seemingly sorely missed on the PS3 side, is now possible between different games, and different systems/devices.

This will probably be the new voice chat, replacing what XBOX uses now. Now its going to be ridiculously easy to talk to people on different platforms, and even make calls (but who does that anymore). Skype is also integrated with Facebook, so you can easily send messages to anyone you want without putting down your controller - this will actually be so useful.

Bigpappy2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

Yeah Knight. Lots of people see Skype as video chat. But you don't need 'video on' to use Skype. it is also good for calling up friends on other devices when they are out and about.

Having this on the next Xbox would be a major plus on the next Xbox. I use it daily right now to talk to friends across the world even when out shopping. This keeps the phone bill out of the picture.

Sorry Belking. One of those disagrees is mine. I didn't notice the quotes. Yeah, I use the metro version of skype in Win8 all the time. It works great for sending photo's, making calls, chatting, video chatting... I just let it run in the background while I do something else on the PC. Very nice actually.

MikeMyers2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

Just like cross-game voice chat being a feature some like I imagine some may like this too. Same with the share button on the PS4. This is all to create a more social experience. We now live in a world where most devices that can access the internet now have Facebook. Skype also serves to millions and millions of customers.

Killer app? Not really, but it could be a complimentary feature many will enjoy having.

dcbronco2077d ago

Skype being a killer app may be going overboard but it would be another feature that pushes Xboxes. If you could call people on their phones, home and cell, through your gamertag and too their gamertag. Also if the new Xbox really can be a cablebox, having Skype video chat makes it far more likely Grandma orders a Xbox cablebox as opposed to a Motorola box. She may never play a game, but Grandmas are usually loose with the wallet when the kids come over and the kids might order games and movies.

rainslacker2076d ago

What's even cooler is that you could use Skype on your Xbox to video/voice/text chat with people playing on their PC, smart devices, Vita and PSP(yes, it's available on both of these, even support pages for it on the Skype website), and hopefully PS4.:) Now we'll have cross console chat, and be able to leave this silly argument over cross-game chat behind.

Seriously though, some of your assumptions are possible, and integration into Xbox live is very likely, given that Skype now replaces Windows Messenger.

As far as killer app(which isn't what you suggested), I think it's just an added feature for the convenience of the user. I doubt it will make or break the system either way.

Overall MS has a lot invested into Skype, and has bigger ambitions with it than just using it for Xbox communication. Some of the other commenters on this thread would be wise to remember that.

GribbleGrunger2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

You guys have got to remember that Gaikai is designed to stream 'anything'. You can clearly see that you can stream video while someone is playing a game (even connect to help them), so it's not much of a jump to suggest they'll be a setting for just video chat too.

And Gaikai can be installed on any device (within reason) so Skype has NO advantage there either.

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chrismichaels042077d ago

People forget Sony already has a Skype app on the Vita. Anyway, back to, Skype is not a killer app. A killer app is a must have exclusive game that cant be played anywhere else, not a free social app that is available on everyones phones, PCs and tablets.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2077d ago

lol u think MS cares for games? lmao

cee7732077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

panasonic and sony are the majority owners of blu ray lens and disk patents thats where it counts not the Blu Ray association.

Panasonic owns most patents for Blu Ray lens, players etc.

While sony owns most for Blu Ray Discs

Meaning if 720 were to have Blu Ray Playback panasony will receive royalties off every 720 sold and if the games are on Blu Ray same scenario

Why do you guys think sony was willing to lose so much money on Ps3 with Blu Ray I mean sure there are many owners of Blu Ray But panasony benefits most from it (because they own most of the patents) every blu ray player, disc etc Panasony takes in A nice chunk of the Royalties.

Just as anything wifi enabled motorola Takes in A huge chunk of the Royalties because they own most of the Patents.

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MariaHelFutura2077d ago

I remember when Killer Apps were games.

greenpowerz2077d ago

Yeah like back in the day when Cellhpones were huge blocks and only barely made calls :P

Williamson2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

Isnt skype on the vita as well? Games make the consoles while apps are usually secondary to it.

metsgaming2077d ago

yes its on vita, and i dont see anyone saying its a killer app.

Reborn2077d ago

Skype would probably be welcomed, but killer app? I'd use that term for something that greatly enhances/improves the quality of game delivery.

DA_SHREDDER2077d ago

All I know is Windows 8 skype sucks a huge one. Cant record, can't even figure out how to pay for the friggin premium?!

Belking2077d ago

"All I know is Windows 8 skype sucks a huge one."

Not mine. It works fine and it's all

Dlacy13g2077d ago

Skype works fine on Windows 8 ...UNLESS you use a recording program like Pamela, etc... Most of those external programs have not updated for Windows 8 and thus in order to use Skype and record you need to use the desktop Windows 7 version of Skype and access it via desktop view and not the tile hub.

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