Games still don't tell good stories, says Warren Spector - Develop Q&A part 1

Warren Spector, the mastermind behind the Deus Ex franchise and Thief 3, has spoken about his discontent with the current state of storytelling in games – a subject he is hugely passionate about.

Speaking to Develop in an exclusive interview during GDC08, Spector said: "My big current soapbox is 'Hey game writers, get over yourselves and learn something from screenwriters!'"

"For the past couple of years I've been reading a lot of scripts, and what I've noticed is that they can communicate really complex emotions in very few words. Less is more – and I'm the worst offender by the way, let me say that up front. But game writers really need to learn to scale back a bit. It's almost like it's a badge of honour that you have 250,000 lines of dialogue. How about we try to communicate the same emotions in a lot less?"

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BigKev453865d ago

I disagree! Some games do tell good stories.

superman3865d ago

Lost Odyssey, to me told a good story, Uncharted told a good story, like a good movie. Suikoden 3 told a great story.