EXCLUSIVE: GT5:P F2007 Video

More than two years ago, GTPlanet and amar212 brought you the very first complete lap of the Nurburgring in Gran Turismo 4. Now, Amar has done it again, with the very first footage of the Ferrari F2007 in action! Read amar212's detailed hands-on overview of the new PAL edition of the game right here in our GT5 Prologue forum.

Hit the link to watch the video.

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marinelife94499d ago

What a beautiful game. Even in low res with a shaky cam.

Time Lord4499d ago

I copied the code but ti didn't work.

Diselage4499d ago

In response to 1.1 he's telling the truth. The website it self gives a message saying how the video can't be uploaded to this site.

killax35634499d ago

Wow, GT5 Prologue looks better and better each time I see it. Anybody who thinks GRID (the racing game from Codemasters) looks as good as this needs to have their eyes examined.

Graphics wise, GT5:P is a step above GRID and Burnout Paradise (two games which are at about the same level graphically imo).

Also the sound is amazing in this video.

resistance1004499d ago

Now with a completey low res cam, that still looks amazing ^_^

Antan4499d ago

Fantastic! Notice the animated hands/fingers when changing gear!

Lord Anubis4499d ago

the video is too short. :(

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The story is too old to be commented.