NPD: PS3, Xbox 360 sales still lag behind PS2

Market research group NPD released video game console sales figures for the month of Febuary, and the units with the fastest processors look to be selling the slowest.

Video game console sales in February 2008, according to research group NPD, showed a 19% increase in units sold year-over-year, with Microsoft's Xbox 360 selling the fewest among what is still, more than two years after its introduction, called the "next gen" console market.

This distinction is necessary because the sixth-generation PlayStation 2 console is not only still selling, but is actually selling better than its successors. The eight-year old system was reported by NPD to have sold 351,800 units last month. The PS3 sold 280,800 units, and the 360 sold 254,600.

The only next-gen console which beat the PS2 in sales was Nintendo's Wii, which moved a reported 432,000 units.

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eagle213867d ago

And can obviously see why Sony and Nintendo released their "next-gen" consoles in Fall 2006: with PS3 completing release on March 23, 2007 in Europe/PAL.

sonarus3867d ago

yea the video game market is increasing. I think the biggest influence to increased ps2 sales will be rockband and guitar hero. Those games have been making huge waves and the fact that it is also readily available on a ps2.

PS2 sales will probably stay high till this whole guitar hero/rock band phase dissipates lol which form every indication won't be anytime soon

toughNAME3867d ago

Inserting controversial pictures is one thing, but directly changing the article in your favour eagle deserves a reporting.

eagle213867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

I copied and pasted DIRECTLY from the source article. The author had Wii in the title, which I questioned. He later changed it while it was waiting for approval. My first comment shows that I feel that Sony AND Nintendo are the smartest of the three companies. I have never bashed the Wii. You should be banned for making a stupid comment after I fixed the mistakes the AUTHOR made....

I can prove this: guys click on the link to the main article. Your URL says Wii_PS3_xbox_360_sales_still_l ag_behind_PS2...right? I questioned this and the author changed it. I fixed the mistake and now toughname thinks I was trying to bash the Wii....pwned!

toughNAME3867d ago

I said nothing of the Wii? You must be confusing my report with the many others.

mikeslemonade3867d ago

This is not a problem for the PS3 as Sony is smiling in the background. PS3 hasn't hit full stride yet. 360 has and at its prime it still fails to sell more than PS2.

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Shaka2K63867d ago

xbug 3rd60 continues to lag behind PS2.

ahahahaha and thats not the only thing that lags on the xbug 180.

BrianC62343867d ago

I hope this isn't supposed to be bad news for Sony. At least they aren't buying a 360. People buying a PS2 now are most likely in one of two groups. Some people wait until the end of a lifecycle to buy something. They don't have much money. The PS2 is a great value now. You can buy a lot of great games for almost nothing.

The other group are gamers who bought the new 40GB PS3 which can't play PS2 games. Their PS2 is probably wearing out. Might as well buy a new PS2 so you can keep playing your great PS2 games. It was smart of Sony to remove the PS2 games compatibility from the PS3. Not everyone cares. It helped reduce costs of the PS3. And since they still sell the PS2 they can sell more PS2s. Sony wins. The gamer does too.

davez823867d ago

i guess going backward in technology is the only way we can move foward?

cmrbe3867d ago

So thats the important thing. If the PS3 sales decreases due to the increase in PS2 sales then that will be an issue.

gonzopia3867d ago

I find it amazing. I know it's a less costly console by comparison, and that they are still supporting it, so I would expect the PS2 to sell *some* units. To outsell? Crazy.

Homicide3867d ago

LMAO! 360 is a flop. Better luck next time MS.

iAmPS33867d ago

After hearing millions of complaints about the problems with the DPad on the 360, Nazisoft decided to change the design for their new system.

Maybe this is their time for a great system....

lawman11083867d ago

Do you know ONE person who went out and BOUGHT a PS2? I sure dont. Maybe in the 3rd world toilet Doodle/Shmee lives in its a hot item but then again so is toilet paper.

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