Gaming's Dirtiest Words

Nope, not swearwords. Games Radar are talking the verbs, nouns and adjectives that strike an irksome chord with every gamer. Companies with notorious histories, cultural watch-words, error messages shared by a generation. These are gaming's dirtiest words.

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Joey Gladstone3865d ago

"Gaming culture's trainspotters, commonly spotted engaging in nuclear-strength arguments on comment threads of aggregation sites or forums. Generally split into three camps: Sony soldiers, Xbox zealots or Nintendo nutters. Note: Level of console commitment is inversely proportionate to grammatical and vocabulary ability." that is simply funny
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

EZCheez3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

That's the word that sends shutters down my spine.

When I think of that word, I think of all the preorders I looked forward to, only to have the date fly by. For example, my Heavenly Sword in June, my Killzone 2 in February, my GTA4 in October. And the worst of the worst, Home in October.

And even though I'm sure they are to fix things, as so many of you are quick to remind, they still suck. I wish Sony would have saved the Home announcement for this GDC, that way I wouldn't have been waiting for it for half a year.

znu3865d ago

Agreed completly, most stuff on the list are just messed up, i mean "update?"

The single worst thing is CANCELLED but in second is BANNED or in third is DELAYED!

Slayer OP3865d ago

just go to Halo 3's online service and listen for the racial slurs and hitler worship phrases and you will have your list.

znu3865d ago

why you dissin the halo community

maybe some people are retards on xbl but same on psn

i dont know much about how much goes on in halo but your baiting a flame war by saying that ;)

The Wood3865d ago

It proves absolutely nothing. Makes people like what they wouldn't normally because it is and dislike what they would normally because its not.

Make up your own mind I guess

znu3865d ago

absolutly agree

a game is triple A depending on perspective, if even only one person likes it, it's a triple A game to them but if one person doesn't like it, it's a horrible game

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