The Ultimate Face Plate

Microsoft and Tecmo generated a whole lot of controversy following the announcement of a life-size inflatable Kasumi cushion that was bundled with special Dead or Alive Ultimate Xbox bundles. Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 fans won't be getting anything nearly as wild, but they will have a chance to make their 360 look a whole lot more attractive.

Tecmo will release a special Xbox 360 faceplate to coincide with the 11/22 Japanese release of DOAX2. The faceplate, which features Kasumi in a two-piece, will retail for 3,000 yen and will be sold through the Tecmo Online Shop and videogame outlets throughout Japan.

There's no word yet on the availability of this faceplate in America, so those wanting to make their 360 look real nice will want to consult an importer.

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OutLaw4479d ago

I hope they do decide to sell this faceplate here in America but if they don't I could always import one or go to one of the stores in Chinatown here in New York .

BIadestarX4479d ago

My wife will not let me.

GTProwler4478d ago

.........if it ever becomes available, cause this is actually a nice faceplate.

BIadestarX4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

You are obviously not married.
When you do; will see why the wife is the one with the biggest balls. And why so many people prefer to stay single.

joemutt4478d ago

Or he would realize getting this faceplate would mean her retaliating, maybe a picture of Brad Pitt hanging up in the bathroom?

It has nothing to do with balls, it's respect, yo.

Marriot VP4478d ago

HAHAHAH, GTprowler I really hope you were joking because like bladestar said "you must not be married"

I think it's creepy to have guys looking at anima/video game girls. Just weird, only something achira would do.

Mikey_Gee4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

Man, can you ever pick out the NON-MARRIED folks. I agree, once you are married try throwing your attitude around and see how far it gets.

Push comes to shove, if I really wanted to be an ass I could indeed put this FP on my 360.


I am sure my daughter would love to see daddies love for cartoon well built women. And it would look great when we have guest over and we sit in the living room for a glass of wine and all admire my faceplate.

Hmmmm, maybe I will start laying some skin mags all over the house for my wife, kids and guests to enjoy just to prove I have ... what was it ... oh yes ... "MY BALLS ATTACHED"

It has nothing to do with "BALLS" .. but it has everything to do with "RESPECT" and "COMMON SCENCE"



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Bill Gates4478d ago

what ever it takes to reel in the xbot robots.