Users Report Problems with Vista SP1

Vista SP1 has been available for all of one day, and users are already reporting issues and bugs. PC Pro readers began reporting a wide array of problems, with issues ranging from slower performance to rendering a machine inoperable. "[It] started installing at 7.15am ... SP1 failed to install. Machine started to reset back to previous state. Computer still not usable three hours later".

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Shaka2K63864d ago

Well good thing they didnt use the xbug 180, that POS becomes useless for weeks.

and now into 2008 theres zero reason to own one, no games for 2008.

Montrealien3864d ago

here is a cookie *hands over cookie*.

want some Kool-aid with that?

v1c1ous3864d ago

microsoft has sorta ruined their rep lately.

this could very well be an isolated or minimal case, but everyone is so on the lookout for ANY chance to downplay the fact Vista might become useful, that any little thing will get magnified to high hell.

this is the same if microsoft announced a 360 slim in E3. the RROD issue would have been almost been ironed out, with failure rates maybe 3-4% or lower.

but the first RROD someone gets is gonna get reamed across the interbutts and everyone will mock it like it was a white-hot needle in MS's eye.

i'm gonna give it 3-4 more days to install then see what the deal is before making judgement

Charlie26883864d ago

exactly why I haven't updated my Vista to SP1 after the first testers said that it might not be all fun and games with SP1

Qwagy UK3864d ago

Stability has always been an issue with all service packs!
No problems here... running like a dream!

Yi-Long3864d ago

... I'll wait untill I'm back from vacation (early July) before I'll install SP1.
My Vista is running fine as it is right now, but thinking of doing a clean install in the summer.

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The story is too old to be commented.