Safari 3.1 is fast … but so is Firefox 3.0 Beta 4

Zdnet writes:

"A little over a week ago I took a look at Firefox 3.0 Beta 4 and I benchmarked this latest release against the current browser lineup. Yesterday Apple released Safari 3.1 so the browser landscape has now changed. It's time to see how Apple's latest browser fits into the big picture.

Apple makes some bold claims relating to Safari. Have a read of this:
"The fastest web browser on any platform, Safari loads pages up to 1.9 times faster than Internet Explorer 7 and up to 1.7 times faster than Firefox 2."

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Bnet3433867d ago

I'm no tech expert, but doesn't the internet connection of the user determine how fast you go? I switch from FF to IE on occasions, I never really notice a difference. I need to check out Safari for PC.

Lord Anubis3867d ago

speed matter for downloads. not so much for browsing.

You can have a terabit connection but if the browser can handle it you will not see much of improvements.

For example the PSP browser. It's a light version made for cellphones and even with wifi it doesn't perform fast.

decapitator3867d ago

Man, am using Safari and Firefox right now and I love em both. I just installed safari and is a lot like firefox so no complains here from me.

PR0NE3867d ago

heck it takes so long to load N4G from safari try for yourself, but firefox is amazing, and now with the memory consumption reductions that are being made in firefox 3(beta), ff will easily beat the hell out of any browser...

Superiorrior3867d ago

Firefox 3 may win in the long run, but it's pretty undeniable the tests show Safari wins, if only by a hair.

thewhoopimen3867d ago

Why don't you try Safari 3.1 before you mouth off. God I can't believe there are browser fanbois too.

travis bundercup3867d ago

firefox > all, safari is slow and laggy, and lacks all support.

mighty_douche3867d ago

Beta 4 has been great so far. Ooooh and it's so much lighter on memory than it used to be :)

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