1UP: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Review

And therein is the crux of Crisis Core's success: It's a game designed to feed on your nostalgic memories of Final Fantasy VII, and in that regard, it never falters. From the faithful 3D reconstruction of Midgar's slums to the fateful standoff in the Mako reactor, Crisis Core does a better job of putting players in FFVII's world than even the original game did.

And it manages to be a worthy experience in its own right rather than an empty bit of filler riding on a classic's coattails. It's a flawed, but nevertheless impressive, prelude to one of the most influential games of the past decade. As far as prequels go, it's one of the good ones...maybe not quite a Godfather Part II, but certainly miles better than your average Phantom Menace.

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permutated3868d ago

Much better than I expected after playing the awful showing at GDC.

Azures3868d ago

Told you so when you made those comments.

once again.


i told you so.

Homicide3868d ago

Great score. I agree with 1UP: Finally a FFVII spin off worth playing. Definitely picking it up next week.

BilI Gates3868d ago

A good spin off? I'm in utter shock. Good job Square-Enix picking it up next week for sure.

dachiefsman3868d ago

i was going to be buying this no matter the reviews....ffvii was the best j-rpg i have ever played!!!

Bnet3433868d ago

First GoW COO now FF7 CC, keep em' comin' :)

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