Stupid UK Store Still Think PS3 is coming out November 17th

Woolworths in the UK is advertising the PS3 for a November 17th Launch, and actively taking preorders. The manager of one store says, I quote; "Word from head office is a delay is unlikely."

Oh dear.

THWIP6337d ago

What's "unlikely" is that the idiots who are responsible for this debacle, will still have jobs in a month.

uxo226336d ago

I think Woolworth (I think) is a US based company. And if the Woolworth UK folks are listening to corporate email or news letters. They are probably getting US information through their information distribution chains.

Plus, Woolworth last I check wasn't really known for being up on the gaming industry.

Dante16337d ago

I'm a Sony fanboy and let me tell you this is how pointless all your flamming is MS fanboys, they don't even know it's been delayed, lol suckas!

AP6337d ago

This could just as well work against Sony. If I went into the store with all my cash on November 17th, and then found it's been delayed, I'd feel scorned and betrayed by Sony. I might even be tempted to pick up the 360 with my saved PS3 cash.

zypher6337d ago

if you knew enough about the PS3 to have saved up $600 for one, then you should've already known about the delay. if you're an average-Joe shopper, who walked into Woolworth one day and said, "Hey, I have a measly $600 in my pocket. I Think I'll pre-order a PS3 with it." then chances are you won't feel betrayed once you find out its been delayed. ;) just kiddin with ya.

zypher6337d ago

i live in a pretty substantial city in the US, and i haven't seen a Woolworths in about 15 years. anywho, unless Woolworths knows something no one else does, they're gonna have a butt-load of angry consumers come 11/17.

THWIP6337d ago

I thought Woolworth's went the way of the Dodo, like Montgomery Ward and Heck's, years ago.

Damn...are we showing our age? :| :(

AP6337d ago

I think Woolworths is owned by a US company. They killed the name off in favour for another one over there, and Woolworths was kept over here.

Like how your Wal-Mart is ASDA to us.

kewlkat0076337d ago

woolworths, Theyhave been out of business for mor then 10 years I think...

beans6337d ago

Well im sure this is going to be a sad Christmas for millions of people unless there not fanboys of course! I for one will be picking up Double agent, GOW, add RB6 which should hold me over fine for a good 4 months if not even more considering how fun the multiplayer is! I wonder how many reservations they have there set up for Nov.17th and feel bad for the people that are going to get caught up in all that mess!

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shinoff218313h ago

Wish they'd hurry with these remasters lol. I was hoping to knock them out before ec released.