Game Characters That Should Never (Ever) Pose Nude

Gamedaily writes: "There should be laws against removing your clothes, especially when it comes to the following characters:

1. Locust Horde (Gears of War)

Despite our mild interest in what goes on between an alien's legs, our first look shouldn't involve these guys. They obviously know what's up, seeing as how they wear designer pants to hide their naughty bits. Some things are better left concealed.

2. Mario (Super Mario Bros.)

The last thing we need is for Nintendo to shatter our childhoods by giving us a look at Mario's plumbing. Just imagining what he's got underneath those overalls gives us chills. Judging by his gut, he hasn't seen it in years."

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I Call 9MM3868d ago

Wario (WarioWare)
Call us crazy, but Wario seems like the kind of guy that exposes himself on playgrounds. With that said, we have no intention of letting him remove his pants and joining him for some Minigames. Even worse, his constant and explosive farting nearly guarantees a few unwelcome "suprises" in those overalls.

Now that is funny. It's a poop joke, but who cares.

wAtdaFck3867d ago

Weren't they the same people who put Mario in their "Characters who need to get laid" list?

And how about some real news.

TomMcBaum3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

Every one of their recent stories has been complete and utter crap. Please don't encourage them by clicking on (or approving the stories behind!) these pathetic, click-whoring headlines.

Reibooi3867d ago

How is this crap getting here it's not even news.