Sony: Why no Blog for Europe? have known for sometime about the Official Playstation Blog which is run by SCEA, and feel that this is one of the best things Sony have ever done. So why haven't Sony Europe followed suit?

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resistance1003957d ago

i would really like a blog in europe, ThreeSpeech doesn't really cover it enough.

Buubar3957d ago

I'd love to see an official blog!

wotta3957d ago

Yeah it would be great

SmokeyMcBear3957d ago

its because no one likes europeans.. they're smelly and don't tip

i kid i kid

RedDragan3955d ago

Europe definitely should get its own official blog from SCEE with regualar questions answered and daily news on developement and future plans. The treatment Europeans get is aweful especially when you look at these facts:

Europe won Sony the HD-Disc war

Europe is making the PS3 a success

Europe is the biggest consumer market in the world by far (3x bigger the US saleswise, 4x more than US profitwise)

Europe pays the highest prices

Europe gets the least options (PS3 80GB, Emotion Chip are just two expamples)

Let's hope we can make them realise that although Europe is "pwned" by guaranteed sales and success, we are longer a generation of consumers that expects less than anywhere else.