Silent, microchip-sized 'fan' has no moving parts, yet produces enough wind to cool a laptop

"Engineers harnessing the same physical property that drives silent household air purifiers have created a miniaturized device that is now ready for testing as a silent, ultra-thin, low-power and low maintenance cooling system for laptop computers and other electronic devices.

The compact, solid-state fan, developed with support from NSF's Small Business Innovation Research program, is the most powerful and energy efficient fan of its size. It produces three times the flow rate of a typical small mechanical fan and is one-fourth the size.

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Relin3955d ago

I was wondering when this tech was gonna make its way to consumer electronics.

ianp6223955d ago

The thing they don't mention is what kind of power it requires. I've seen things like this before (once on Mythbusters), but they typically require very high voltage. I don't know if a laptop would be able to house the converter inside the case.

xsteinbachx3955d ago

well they did say that it uses considerably low power compared to a mechanical fan, how much power that is.. i have no idea.

ianp6223955d ago

It could use less current than a regular fan, but you need to increase the voltage using a transformer to get the corona wind.

Kakkoii3954d ago

Lol yeah. When I saw this news story I instantly thought "Didn't they already do this on Mythbusters?" haha.

On Mythbusters they were testing anti-gravity devices to see if they truly were "anti-gravity".

One of the devices was a triangle made of tinfoil or something like that. Which had wires attached to it. When a current was applied it would hover off the ground, appearing to defy gravity. But what they found out was that it was actually ionizing the air making it push air downward. Thus creating Lift and floating.

It's to bad someone else didn't patent this idea for a tiny fan after seeing that episode XD.

Silverwolf3955d ago

Can't wait for this tech to make its way onto consoles.

Kakkoii3954d ago

I'd like it to make it's way into PC's first lol.

I have a constant ringing in my ear due to the loudness of my computer, since it's in my bedroom and powered on almost 24/7 XD.

Alcaponeyou3955d ago

probably lower the RROD to 15.99%