Peter Molyneux Open to Syndicate Revival

Acclaimed game designer Peter Molyneux has expressed a desire to someday remake Bullfrog's classic isometric sci-fi action title Syndicate.

"I really would love to redo a version of Syndicate. Syndicate was probably one of my favorites," he told Shacknews in a recent interview.

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sonarus3867d ago

haha i remember playing this on snes whey i was way younger. Don't remember it too well but i remember my older cousin telling me how awesome it was

I Call 9MM3867d ago

I would so plunk down 800 MS points on a remake of Syndicate. That game was great back in the day. Mind you, playing that with a controller is no substitute for a good ol' mouse and keyboard. PC, PS3 and 360 remake is in order for sure.