Megatonik Review: God of War Chains of Olympus

Megatonik writes(some text removed for modesty):

"Chains of Olympus is, without a doubt, the prettiest game I have ever seen on the PSP. Ever. This game ever a technical achievement for Sony's handheld. A lot of games have come close, but the Chains really pulled off the console-to-handheld transition flawlessly. Hell, even the controls are perfect. One thing that always bothered me about other franchises that were originally built around dual analog and then thrown into the PSP's single analog hell was that there were always points where I would get so frustrated with the camera that I'd have no choice but to throw my PSP out the window at passing children… which, by the way, is a great experience. First they're horrified to see something coming at them in excess of 300 miles per hour (I have a good throwing arm, what can I say?) and then the greedy glint in their eyes when they realize that a $160 piece of hardware is coming in their direction.

So yeah, Chains of Olympus is pretty awesome. To be honest, my only gripe about the game at all is that it's only like 7 hours long, but I mean, it's the kind of game you can keep in your PSP for a week and play it when you have a few minutes of free time on the bus or something else. 5/5"

Warning: The full review contains explicit language.

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