Molyneux reveals more Fable 2 XBLA games

Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux has revealed there will be a total of three Xbox Live Arcade games that will let you earn money for use in Fable 2...

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THWIP3868d ago

...something TRULY innovative from Molyneux. For all his talk, Peter M. usually disappoints in the end. This is definitely a first for gaming, as well as a brilliant new way to market/sell casual games.

I Call 9MM3868d ago

Now that is pretty damn innovative stuff he's talking about there. Wow, let's just forget the whole gambling thing for a second there. I mean, sure yeah I definately think it is cool, but let's get to the other stuff. Jump in co-op, now that will be a neat feature. But what if, in my game i've bought house's "X, Y and Z". Now, my buddy, in his game, bough houses X, Y, Z as well. Who owns the houses when you play co-op. IDK, maybe I'm thinking too much but it still sounds pretty cool. The dog is a neat touch too.

Now, the gambling system. Pretty cool, but 3 games? How much will that cost for those who really want to get into it. 3 x 800 MS (you kid yourself if you think it will be less) = 2400 MS points. that's a lot of real world dough to be spending.

THWIP3868d ago

Basically, when someone joins your game, they are in "your world", and only there to help with combat. Any loot gets split between you...I think you decide how it gets divided. You can't do anything story or commerce related, if you join someone else's game. Hope that clears things up for you. :)

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3868d ago

included in/ with the retail version of Fable 2 or only exclusive to XBL?

Boldy3868d ago

No, but there will be other ways of getting money in the actual game itself.

green3868d ago

they will be XBLA games.Want to be the emperor, then get ready to spend some real world money.

Anyway,its obvious he was held back by the limitations of the previous gen.but with the power of this gen he is capable of implementing alot of his ideas.Fable 2 will be an epic game.

mintaro3868d ago

Fable 2 is starting to look really really a-peeling =D

InYourMom3868d ago

This looks to be fantastic just as long as he is able to get everything he talks about into the actual game this time around. Fable 2 could end up being on some GOTY list's!

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