Warcraft sword takes geekiness to a new level

While denizens of fantasy MMO "World of Warcraft" are used to acquiring items that increase their geek cred, a collectible sword company has created a new treasure that takes geekiness to the next level.

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solar3869d ago

its cool and dorky at the same time.

PikkonX3869d ago

I wonder how long it will take for a disgruntled WoW player to kill someone with it and say he thought he was doing a real life raid or was trying to level up.

znu3868d ago


but u make a point, just another way for the media to blame video games for violence

ambientFLIER3869d ago

I don't like warcraft, or any game of that type, and even I think that it's cool. We all have our favorite game and such a high quality piece must be nice to have, whether it's warcraft, halo, or mgs.

Tyrael3869d ago

This may very well be the end of the world...

of warcraft...

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