IGN's Exclusive Reveal: Guitar Hero DS

More than a year ago, Activision revealed that the company was interested in branching its Guitar Hero franchise onto platforms such as the Nintendo DS. It's been a long wait, but the company has finally revealed exclusively to IGN and Yahoo the Guitar Hero game that will soon hit the dual-screen handheld later this year.

The Nintendo DS version -- Guitar Hero: On Tour -- is in development at Vicarious Visions, the team best known for the Tony Hawk and Spider-Man series on the dual-screen handheld, as well as the Nintendo Wii conversion of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock released late last year. This portable version will feature the same rhythm-based "play to the music" gameplay of the big boys, and will even have its own peripheral to get the job done: Red Octane has developed what it's calling the Guitar Grip to give players the ability to finger chords in similar fashion as the console version's guitar peripheral.

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PS360WII3868d ago

That looks weird to play..

IzKyD13313868d ago

i didnt think they would implement it like this, but it looks pretty cool

Quickstrike3868d ago

I was thinking something else like a addon to the side of the DS and have all 5 buttons and another addon to the other side for the strum...but this is 1000X cooler ^_^

ecko_man2k23868d ago

That does look like it will be weird to play....and probably will cost quite a bit. That was also a terrible commercial.

Fade_Walker3868d ago

the commercial is quite stupid, but it actually may be fun

smokeymicpot3868d ago

They are milking this franchise