News Over G Fighters: Screenshots

Command more than 30 of the most powerful jet fighters ever conceived and battle for air superiority in massive dogfights in the skies above Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.

Combat enemies in the air and on the ground with challenging and dangerous strike missions against well defended targets deep in the heart of hostile territory.

Enjoy this latest batch of screens.

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COVER GIRL5952d ago

I want this game it looks very fun and it has good graphics. This game should do very well...

Lucidmantra5952d ago

Can't wait either I got friends ready for my squadron in multiplayer. If will be great I am sure. I love modern air combat games and Blazing Angels was a little disappointing to me. To arcadey.

TMoney5951d ago

I didn't like the flight mechanics, the horrible voice over and the arady feel of "Blazing Angels" . Some of those reasons was why I disliked "Crimson Skies" as well. Hopefully, "Over G" will provide that perfect combination of sim and arcade to provide the first great flight game for the Xbox/Xbox 360.

FULLMETAL5950d ago

To me this Is by far the game I cant wait for.

hopefully MS will realize the potential and bring the best flight games from the pc to the 360.

and i hope we will see at least 16 player action for this game will only be 8 players and coo-op will be sweet especially doing bombing campains ...shawk and awe anyone.

If this game does well i hope we see more...I just want to land like i used to in the old top gun days..