Sony France Locks GT6 For PS3, Wednesday Reveal

Last week rumours surfaced of a mid-week reveal for the next Gran Turismo. That turned out to be true, with a large-scale media event scheduled for Wednesday at Silverstone.-thesixthaxis

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Walker2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

On PS4, please !

EZMickey2038d ago

This may turn out like Gran Turismo 4 where the series bowed out gracefully on PS2 and was rereleased as a classic in HD on PS3.

With Polyphony I'm just not sure. On one hand I feel certain they'll have been working with the PS4 for a long time now, to familiarize the studio with the technology but also to get a head start because GT games have such long development cycles and they'll want to release it at a decent point in the PS4's life.

On the other hand i can't shake the feeling that they're not done with PS3, that they still want to have their final show just as with Naughty Dog and Quantic Dream.

abzdine2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

they're getting the hype train going until reveal day! Not a bad thing imo..

I think GT6 will be on PS3 i dont see how they could show a major IP like GT on PS4 outside of a major gaming exposition (E3).

GT6 on PS3? I am ready to see the new stuff in it and buy it! I am sure it will be the ultimate Gran Turismo experience because PD spent too long time developing the game engine for GT5 and GT6 will take the gaming experience further!

hesido2038d ago

I agree with your points, but if Polyphone is waiting for PS4's to be sold before it releases GT on PS4, they'd be wrong.

Games at the beginning of a console life-cycle does not necessarily mean worse sales, people are more eager to buy games for their new console, and there are less choices. Correct me if I'm wrong, but on average, titles are not selling 3x compared to the times there were 20 million PS3 vs 60 million PS3. GT always having very good legs, I think as a launch title, it would have rocked. However, this will probably not happen as it would overlap with DriveClub.

sengoku2038d ago

PS3 release is very probable,
they might release a PS4 version too.
here's to hoping they will

The_KELRaTH2038d ago

I would think just having GT6 on PS3 and nothing ready for the release of PS4 would be a really bad decision.
I'll be wanting a PS4 around release time BUT it does have to have the titles I'll be playing most or what's the point.

nix2038d ago

buckle your seats, gentlemen. it's gonna be a quite a ride.

nukeitall2038d ago

I want to see GT6 on PS4, but most likely it will be for PS3. Sony has a tradition of this as well as the fact that their studio takes forever to release a game.

Dual development would be extremely difficult.

I think it is either or proposition, and most likely PS3. If so, that would be too bad though. Would have preferred on PS4.

BOLO2038d ago

What's up with the disagrees? PS1= GT1/GT2...PS2=GT3/GT4...PS3=GT 5/GT6.

Boody-Bandit2038d ago

Even if GT6 is released for the PS3 you know PD will most likely create a GT Prologue version for the PS4 to hold us over until GT7 arrives. Personally, although racing is far and away my favorite genre (check my profile), once the PS4 hits I don't see myself purchasing GT6 for the PS3.

When new hardware hits I move on from the previous gen. I always have since I started gaming a long LONG time ago.

MikeMyers2038d ago

Hopefully they can find a way to port it to the PS4 quickly and tweak it to take advantage of the better hardware.

_-EDMIX-_2038d ago

I love all these stupid comments begging for this game to be on PlayStation 4. most of the people making these comments seem to be disregarding that there has always been 2 gran trismo on PlayStation systems, that Sony in no way shape or form have an indicated that there going to deviate from this plan.

the first GT on a new system normally takes the longest and logically is the most expensive to make. so if Gran Turismo 5 sells 9 million units clearly they're just going to reuse that same engine and make a Gran Turismo 6 to sell some more units but this time they won't be at a major loss they will be selling it at a higher profit.

with all that said why on earth would anybody think they would make it for PlayStation 4? LMFAO! so they are not going to continue to make a profit off of grand trismo on PlayStation 3? You're going to ignore an 80+ million install base? For what exactly? to sell more of a system that's already going to be sold at a lost? That already has a racing game at launch? That already has arguably the best launch line up in PlayStation or even console history? I'm sorry but that makes as much sense as the last of us 2 as a launch game. (business wise to ask for such a thing is just a really silly) not sure if anybody realizes this but Sony makes money off of games too....why wait three to four years to make a grand trismo on PlayStation 4 when you could make a GT on PlayStation 3 right now and have a sell on a 80 million install base?. mind you it's not as if they'll never be a GT game on the PlayStation 4.

also to even question a port is just as funny did you guys forget that there's a reason why this new architecture was made? I'm not even sure if this game can technically ported or if its even worth it to be ported.

I'm sorry bandwagoners but I already own a Playstation 3 and have since launch I have no problem with this game not being on PlayStation 4 as I will own both systems.

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coolmast3r2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

Agreed! We don't want to wait next several years for the TRUE next-gen Gran Turismo title. I really hope they will release GT6 on PS3 and PS4 simultaneously.
EDIT: like NFS Pro Street of FIFA games were released on PS2 and PS3 simultaneously.

shikamaroooo2038d ago

I agree! It just feels weird hyping a PS3 release.

DigitalRaptor2038d ago

How? you're talking like PS3 is ancient history when some of its best games are still to come.

abzdine2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

why is that?
Many great games are releasing on PS4 already and many dont know which to choose, and if a GT6 is announced on PS4 and releasing day one then it could overshadow all the other releases.

This doesn't mean that we won't be getting a GT teaser on PS4 at E3 just to make everybody drool!

FITgamer2038d ago

Yeah because The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls aren't PS3 titles to get hyped on?

fei-hung2038d ago

I think it will release on both. People keep forgetting about the cloud doing BC for previous PS consoles and with cross buy already available, I see it very much a happening for GT6.

GT4 was released prior to the PS3 release so it didn't really hinder PS2 or PS3 sales. Releasing GT6 a few months or after the PS4 is released won't have the same affect and may hinder PS4 sales.

On another note, could there also be a possibility of a PS3 and PS4 version? It works on PCs where you can up resolution in settings menu so there is no reason why they can't a lower graphical version for the PS3.

Persistantthug2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

So It's very unlikely that GT6 will come to the least during it's launch window.

Maybe they'll port it sometime later or something.

C0MPUT3R2038d ago

DRIVE CLUB isn't a simulator, it will play like PGR.
I want GT6 on PS4.

Root2038d ago

Why do people think we can't have GT6 on the PS4 because of DriveClub

DriveClub is a launch game....GT6 would be something to look forward to the next year

SoapShoes2038d ago

^ Yeah it would be like how Sony handled Resistance and Killzone. They had two shooters that were similar yet very different and just spaced them out. It worked fine for them.

Aceman182038d ago

There's always been 2 GT releases per system and i don't expect this to change.

GT7 will probably release on PS4 in yr 2-3 of its release.


PSP only had one, Vita had none and, although it's not GT, PS2 had 3 PD games: GT3, GT4 and Tourist Trophy (which, by the way, I hope receives a sequel or get incorporated within GT, great bike simulator).

Hellsvacancy2038d ago

Silverstone? I live 10 miles away from Silverstone UK

THE TRUTH2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

What sense does it make to release GT6 on PS4 when Evolution studios is releasing Drive Club for PS4 at launch. GT6 on PS3 and a new IP(gamers also say they want new IPs) Drive Club, which looks promising on PS4. I think this is great for Sony and gamers because only the hardcore are going to line up day one for PS4.

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TrevorPhillips2038d ago

I truly believe that this game will come out on the PS4. Just as GTA 5 is also coming out for the next gen, so will this game

PersonMan2038d ago

Just like San Andreas came out for the PS2 and PS3 right?

PirateThom2038d ago

GTA: San Andreas - October 26, 2004
PS3 - November 11, 2006

GTAV - 17 September 2013
PS4 - Q4 2013

Bit of a difference and it causes problems, there's a lot of big titles being released at the end of this year.

PersonMan2038d ago

My point is, Rockstar has never released the same game on multiple generations of hardware.

2038d ago
colonel1792038d ago

I find it very weird that Sony is announcing GT6 for PS3 and Drive Club for PS4. Why do they need two of the same thing? Why having the most popular driving game on the PS3 instead of the newly announced PS4 to get launch sales? Why announce GT6 after announcing the PS4?

I would have preferred if Evolution was working on something new. I would have liked a new Jetski Racer. I loved Waverace 64, and Evolution would be great for a game like that with all their craziness. Instead they are working on a franchise that is not needed, and it will be obliterated by Gran Turismo.

coolmast3r2038d ago

hey, Drive Clube and Gran Turismo are games two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT genres, ok? GT is a driving simulator while Drive Club is a Sony's reply to Horizon.

HammadTheBeast2038d ago

Because 80 million, that's why.

shikamaroooo2038d ago

I dont know about that, GT3 released near PS2 release. It went on to sell a whopping 14 million plus copies

Baka-akaB2038d ago

Yeah but it's a new economy and Sony as a whole is just recovering .

Would be smart to just release a second gt game as usually for an installed base , while building up a new one with drive .

PurpHerbison2038d ago

Better yet, why release the most popular racing game on dated technology? I am not sure if I will be getting a PS4, but GT6 belongs on it. Putting GT6 on PS3 is a slap to the face.

smashman982038d ago

All u have to do is look within your own statement to see why

_-EDMIX-_2038d ago

cause most of the people begging for it to be released on PlayStation 4 don't even own PlayStation 3's.....

a slap in the face would be to disregard in 80 million install base.
though Drive club is not gran turismo its a racing game nonetheless, for Sony to strategically release this game at launch speaks volumes to their plans with Gran Turismo.

In that the plans are not changing they will continue like they have for the last 15 years release a grand trismo 2 per PlayStation console

SDF Repellent2038d ago

Darn it Sony!!! How can you expect to sell the PS4 when your biggest franchise, GTA, is not a flagship launch game or at least BC with the PS4? If MS annonces Forza 5 for the Next Box on 5/21/13, then it will be a big blow to Sony.

torchic2038d ago

Forza is a drop in the ocean when compared to Gran Turismo.
Gran Turismo is THE driving simulator, THE racing game. like Grand Theft Auto it has transcended the tag of just a mere game and is now a cultural phenomenon

Microsoft could make Forza 5 a million times better than GT6 but wouldn't still ever usurp Gran Turismo

and I don't get why people are so uptight about GT6 no being on PS4. apart from a graphics improvement, weather effects and maybe load times, there isn't much a GT on PS4 could do better than a GT on PS3.

coolmast3r2038d ago your last sentence you've just named three HUGE and the most essential points we want to see being implemented in GT6.
Also, you didn't mention an enormous possible improvement in physics model as PS4 is many-many times more powerful in physics calculations than PS3.

Baka-akaB2038d ago

Still by not jumping into it at launch we could get much more than just those three elements . As you can guess i'm not particularly worried

Salooh2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

If ps4 improvement isn't a big deal then why plan to buy the ps4?. -.-

It will change the game in every aspect and you guys deny that >.<. Let's just wait for the real announcement then judge. Rumors most of the time wrong and you people make them like a fact.

Even if we are wrong and it's only coming to the ps3 Holding the potential of big improvement for sales is a waste and it will take longer time to get GT7 on ps4 which is annoying as hell. I'm expecting a ps4 game. I'm not buying ps3 games after ps4 released. I want to play the games with full potential..

r212038d ago

Oh they'll sell. You know with games like Knack, inFamous: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Watch_Dogs, AC4, and who knows what else Sony's got in plan for the PS4's future. Im still waiting on some JRPGs though

Baka-akaB2038d ago

Forza hardly have that kind of pull . Loads of people loved to mention and talked about it , but in the end not that many went with it .

Drive club could possibly be just fine against forza , even selling less .

DigitalRaptor2038d ago

The Forza franchise has been selling steadily less each iteration. Gran Turismo sells like a juggernaut without fail and is a cultural motorsport icon.

Sony is in no trouble. Fortunately they haven't been reliant on the same four games this gen and they have no reason to with PS4 either.

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RTheRebel2038d ago

Can't wait
Love this game =)

The_KELRaTH2038d ago

Of course we could all be wrong and they're going to announce a GT5 F1 expansion with all the F1 tracks :)