New 3.5-inch 640GB Drives Introduced By Western Digital

Storage provider Western Digital is set to begin shipping 640GB 3.5-inch hard drives, called WD Caviar SE16. The new high-capacity drives are based on the 320GB-per-platter technology the company introduced in January.

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TriggerHappy3959d ago

Tech is moving so fast that, everyday something new is coming

vitz33959d ago

New tech is good. The naming systems no. Caviar? WTF? Why would I put smelly mold infested fish eggs into my PC?

decapitator3959d ago

Nice...Now all we need is a price cut so I can pick one up for my PC.

Tempist3959d ago

Can someone explain why they are bothering to make 640GB harddives when the 500, 750 and 1TB are good enough. This is more of a step backwards than it is forwards.

vitz33959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Because they can. Why do people climb mountains? Because it's there. Any step is a step forward in most cases.

And FYI, those 750GB and 1TB variations are actually 2 drives in RAID mode or working together.

I'm guessing you're referring to the My Book line of portable hard drives. Yep, there's two hard drives in 'em.

Tempist3959d ago

Western Digital already makes 1TB and 750GB hard drives, ergo making a 640GB drive is a step backwards because it's not progressing technology. They've basically put two 320s into one drive.

As for current drives, no the 750s and 1TB drives are not running in any RAID mode. They are stand alone drives.

vitz33959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )


Their 750GB line of desktop drives use more platters in them (3-4). This article is taking about using only 2. Therefore we could see >1TB in 4 platters now.

Gorgon3959d ago

"Can someone explain why they are bothering to make 640GB harddives when the 500, 750 and 1TB are good enough. This is more of a step backwards than it is forwards."


"Today's common two-platter drives are limited to 500 GB, but we are expanding capacity by 28 percent on the same design with WD's leading technology heads and disks."

Next time read the article.

Tempist3959d ago

"The drives are targeted toward users of data-intensive applications, thanks to "performance with their extreme areal density, 3GB-per-second transfer rate, and Native Command Queuing (NCQ)," according to the company."

""The 640GB capacity point will be an important one for our desktop customers, and WD is leading high-volume shipments to the channel and OEM customers," said, the general manager and vice president of the company's desktop business unit, Don Bennett."

Doesn't sound like they're really after that back-up / external hard drive group...

Besides, RAID is almost redundant given that SATA allows for quick swapping and the speed of RAIDs are undermined by eSATA.

Not to mention 640 makes for an odd number when you have 250, 500, 750 and 1TB drives.

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Bleucrunch3959d ago

make it 2.5 then we got something. LOL!

sandip7873959d ago

this isnt compatible with ps3 is it?

Superiorrior3959d ago

3.5 inch is desktop computer or external hard drive, your looking for a 2.5 inch laptop harddrive.

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