Final Fantasy VII & VIII Coming To Steam

Last year‚ Square Enix unveiled that their titan of a game - the legendary Final Fantasy VII – was coming to the PC (again)‚ with full achievement support and a load of extras. We’re sure the amount of excitement and joy that a number of us felt when this announcement was made doesn’t need to be expressed. Yet‚ when the game (supposedly updated) was released‚ we couldn’t help but feel that Square Enix had hoodwinked us! The game was hardly changed and the achievements weren’t integrated into the overall experience. Boo. Yet‚ it seems Square Enix is redeeming themselves and giving their fans what they really wanted. You will get Final Fantasy VII & VIII coming to Steam to relive the popular games‚ published by Square Enix.

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zeal0us2894d ago ShowReplies(1)
HammadTheBeast2894d ago

Isn't it already on PC, I remember having played it once.

ThanatosDMC2894d ago

Yup, and it looks really bad compared to ps1pc mod.

3-4-52894d ago

nice. Have yet to play either one of these and I kind of want FF7 to be my first Final Fantasy game for a few reasons.

* First of 3D so the graphics will only get better from this point on.

* It's the one that got so many hooked on the series, so it might do the same for me ( I'm ok with the graphics )

* Not sure If I should play it on PC or PSP though

DragonKnight2894d ago


Don't make FFVII your first into the series. Come on man. At least start with FFIV or FFVI. Seriously. Who gives a damn about the 3D graphics. FFIV or VI are vastly superior to VII in every way except graphics.

HammadTheBeast2894d ago

It's a matter of choice, all Final Fantasies are great in their own way up to X, but the older ones are more simpler and focused.

VII and VIII and IX are all similar.

IV, and VI are also similar.

I recommend you start with IV, or VIII. Squalls story was the best for me.

3-4-52894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

@Dragon...I don't care about graphics...I like SNES/GBA/N64 style graphics.

I have a 3DS , xbox 360 & PSP & PC.

If I played FF4 or FF9 it would have to be on psp, they are my other choices for first in series.

FF 7,4 or 9.

jakmckratos2894d ago

Wooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaah Cooooooool.

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Software_Lover2894d ago

I already have them in my steam library. I have my original ps1 discs. Made images, used emulator, added to library.

But hopefully the price is right. They should just do one big Final Fantasy bundle during the summer sale.

Shadow Man2894d ago

will not play this games until they are remake in HD.

DragonKnight2894d ago

Then you won't be playing them.

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The story is too old to be commented.