World's Fastest Blu-ray Writer Announced By LG

LG Electronics has today announced what the company claims is the "world's fastest Blu-ray writer". The GGW-H20L promises the fastest Blu-ray (BD) writing speed -- 6x maximum.

The GGW-H20L is an IDE device that can be mounted on any existing desktop PC. It is learnt that while a normal CD can store up to 700MB, a double-layer BD can store up to 50GB data. To understand it better: data content of up to 73 CDs (approximately 35 Bollywood films) can be stored in one BD Media.

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decapitator3863d ago

Now thats great news. Now announce a date for profile 2.0

Massacre3863d ago

Damn. Thats good to hear. Might pick this up if the impressions are good.

Harry1903863d ago

good,good.remember:high prices are not welcome thpugh.