Mirror.co.uk: Metro Last Light Review

Developed by Ukrainian studio 4A Games and based on the post-­apocalyptic world of Russian sci-fi author Dmitry Glukhovsky, this FPS sequel offers a distinctive, decidedly East ­European take on otherwise well-worn tropes.

You resume the role of Artyom, now a soldier in one of the sects struggling for supremacy in the subway society that’s sprung up beneath the nuclear wasteland that was once Moscow.

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Rivitur4086d ago

What the hell is this a summary or a review?

RankFTW4086d ago

Unfortunately not. This is what happens when a tabloid newspapers tries to review a game.

Rivitur4086d ago

Talk about meeting your daily quota.

Campy da Camper4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

I'm not a fan of the whole gas mask thing. I really hate it when games force me to go fast or set a time allotment. I'm one to spend hours walking around and checking stuff out. The above ground sequences are most likely the best graphically and knowing I am going to be running around looking for filters like in the last installment is a turn off. Hell, in the last one I kept getting that cracked mask glitch where I couldn't see jack crap and had no spare filters. Trying to not get shot while looking through a spider web for little cainsters ruined it for me. Even restarting and packratting them I still used them up and had the same problem.


The Rise of the Metro Series

A look back at 4A Games' admirably consistent post-apocalyptic shooter franchise.

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72d ago

Metro Video Game Series: A Comprehensive History

The Metro video game series started with a humble b-list title, before building a strong fanbase and becoming a pioneer in the industry.

TheBrainZ163d ago

Never got into Exodus, but 2033 was excellent.

kevco33163d ago

Yeah, Exodus just didn't grab me either, sadly.

I absolutely loved 2033 and Last Light, however. Played them both on 360 and then again with the remasters!

anast162d ago

I just started it and it is already miles better than the first 2 which are dated.


'Metro: Last Light' Is Now Free on Steam, But Only for a Week

4A Games celebrates the 10th anniversary of its first-person shooter by offering it free for a week.